A team of teenage mutant superheroes that first appeared in an eight issue limited edition comic book miniseries produced by Marvel Comics. The Fallen Angels first appeared in Fallen Angels #1, April 1987. Created by Jo Duffy and Kerry Gammill, the entire series saw print during the reign of Jim Shooter as Editor in Chief at Marvel. A relatively short-lived experiment by Marvel, the team is noteworthy for its unconventional story line and bizarre characters. It also features the first appearance of Jack Kirby's beloved Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy in the regular Marvel continuity.

The Fallen Angels miniseries was a very strange move from Marvel. A ragtag band of runaway teenagers with superhuman powers spontaneously forms and jumps about reality while struggling against each other in angsty teenage ways, fighting with those that don't understand them (society), and those that are trying to use them (supervillains). It is a disjointed angst filled tale, loaded with surprise developments and surreal plot twists. It also features one of the more permanent deaths in the Marvel Universe in the accidental crushing of Don the Cyborg Lobster.

Strange days for the New Mutants

The New Mutants, a second generation team of teenage mutants created by Professor X, creator of the X-men, are involved in a heated game of soccer. The resident hothead of the team, Roberto Da Costa, known as Sunspot, accidentally injures Sam Guthrie, his teammate called Cannonball. Greeted with anger from his friends, the moody Sunspot stomps off. At the time, perennial X-Men foe Magneto had turned over a new leaf and was tending to the Xavier Institute in Xavier's absence. Sunspot attempts to turn to Magneto for help, but he discovers a note penned by Magneto that contains a critical evaluation of his performance at the school and concern about his former ties to the Hellfire Club. Friendless and angry, he runs away from the Institute to the streets of New York City, turning to petty crime.

Concerned, some of his fellow classmates try to find Roberto. Multiple Man, Siryn and Warlock find Roberto has fallen in with some strange new mutants working for the villainous Vanisher. Far from grand supervillains, the small group commits petty street crimes to survive. They hide out in an abandoned warehouse they dub the Beat Street Clubhouse. Ariel, a teleporter, retrieves Boom-Boom, a mutant in the care of X-factor. New comers Siryn and Multiple Man meet Chance and Gomi, a nerdy teenager that has cybernetic implants that give him uncontrollable telekinetic powers and a psychic connection with his two cyborg lobsters, Don and Bill.

Ariel, seemingly on a mission of her own, transports the new group to a strange prehistoric planet. They battle dinosaurs and fight for their lives until they are aided by Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur! Adopting the pair into their group at the insistence of Ariel, they return to New York, bright red T-Rex and fuzzy monkey man in tow.

The ragtag band begins to get into each other's faces, having no real goal except survival. The conflict within the group is also made worse by the increasing random nature of the group's superpowers, which fail and double in strength at a moment's notice. The Vanisher's laissez faire approach does little to bind the group as a whole. Multiple Man loses a duplicate of himself who rebels, wanting his own life. The gigantic Devil Dinosaur, ill suited to the confines of the Clubhouse, accidental steps on Don, killing him. Ariel eventually exposes her motivation for bringing them all together. Her people have lost the ability to mutate, and she traveled to this world to gather a team that could help solve the problem. Fights, frictions and crushes continue, and one particularly explosive tussle spooks the Vanisher. He has Ariel transport the team away from the fight. Ariel takes the opportunity to take the group to her home world of Coconut Grove.

On Coconut Grove, the group of mutants find a planet wide party that seems to be the perpetual state of the world. The group also discovers why their powers have been out of control: Chance's mutant power modifies the powers of those around her in random ways. Unipar, leader of the Coconut Grove civilization, discovers his unwitting agents Ariel and Chance have returned and quickly captures the team.

Unipar now has his test subjects, and he conducts painful experiments to isolate the x-factor that causes mutations. The experiments kill one of Multiple Man's duplicates, but the diversion allows Bill to rescue the team. The Fallen Angels, assisted by Chance's newfound control over her double-or-nothing ability, fight against Unipar. Multiple Man's renegade duplicate sacrifices himself to help the team and Ariel helps them all escape back to New York. Back at the Beat Street Clubhouse, the team parts ways. The Vanisher disappears to parts unknown, Sunspot and Warlock return to the New Mutants, leaving Siryn and Multiple Man behind to help the remaining Fallen Angels move away from a life of petty crime. Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy eventually settle in the Savage Land, hidden away in Antarctica.