Created by Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics, Devil Dinosaur and his companion Moon Boy hold places in comicdom history. While one of their comics has the dubious honor of being one of the worst selling comic books in history, the characters are some of the best loved of Kirby's creations.

First appearing in Devil Dinosaur #1, Moon Boy is a member of the Small People, a group of hair-covered, intelligent, humaniod mammals. Moon Boy is seemingly an teenage member of their community, when he discovered a young tyrannosaur being attacked by another tribe. Moon Boy rescued the dinosaur, but not before the creature was seared by a strange red lava, turning its hide red permanently. The two began to travel together after that, Moon Boy having been cast out of his village and the T-Rex, who Moon Boy called Devil, having lost its family to the hunters.

The two traveled their world combatting the foes and encountering natural disasters. After nine issues, the Devil Dinosaur comic was cancelled, but the two companions travelled to the mainstream Marvel Universe, encountering such heroes as Ghost Rider and Spider-Man before eventually settling in the Savage Land.

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