Editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics in the 1980s. Famous for being the tallest guy in comics and for his poor treatment of artists. After being ousted, he headed up a number of other companies: Valiant comics, Defiant comics, Golden Books. His attempts to rewrite history to claim he was a champion of the creators he mistreated gained him the moniker of "Jim Shooter, Our Nixon".

He was responsible initially at Marvel for bringing a large amount of order and reliablility to the comic books (many fewer Deadly Dateline Dooms - fillin issues). As with all these things though he started to believe his own propaganda a bit much.

His refusal to let any writer edit their own comic book (a regular occurrence for experienced writers previously and at their main competitor DC Comics) caused a lot of ill will. Unfortunately he ignored this edict in his own case and thus visited upon the world the horror that was Secret Wars.

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