So, every little boy who has ever read a comic book has had the daydreams. I am sure that there are even some little girls that have had them as well. I am talking about SUPER POWERS. Some are similar, some are awful, and others don't really seem like super powers...more like someone who is really, REALLY specialized. But, the eternal debate would have to be, which is the Greatest Super Power to possess?

Some would have you believe that flying is it. Imagine if you didn't have to get stuck in rush hour traffic anymore...or have to deal with Home Land Security at the airport. Then again, this power probably wouldn't be so great for someone who has a fear of heights.... But, at least you could hover really FAST!

Some people think that invulnerability would be pretty keen too. Then, when the bad guys are shooting all those bullets at you, you couldn't be hurt! But, what if you are built like Woody Allen? What could you possible be able to do once the baddies ran out of ammo? Monologue them into submission?

It seems to me that Superpowers require a complementary power in order for it to be truly respected...with one exception.


I would like to put forth that Incredible, Unending Luck would be the greatest Super Power of all time! Think about it! Superman can't get too close to Kryptonite, because it makes him weak. The Hulk (green version) grants Bruce Banner massive strength, so much so that he can propel himself and all of his mass almost into orbit! But the cost is his intellect. Now, the Grey Hulk doesn't have that drawback, since he gets not only the strength, but retains Banner's awesome intellect. However, his appearance and complexion leave a lot to be desired....

Now, Luck! WOW!! Let the bad guys line up their sights on you! The gun will backfire! So what if your Arch-nemesis has a death ray pointed at you in a totally inescapable situation...the breaker feeding power to it will blow as he pulls the trigger! Or, possibly, it would backfire on him, causing all of the ill effects to be delivered on him, in a Karmic eruption!

Remember, Skill can only get you so far. Sometimes, it takes some Luck to get your bacon out of the fire.

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