Sunday, Boring Sunday.

Today I was very boring and lazy. However, I did have a pretty good weekend.

I wrote about having to go to a party on September 1, 2000. The party went smoothly without much in the way of conflict. Aaron's girlfriend was marginally friendly to me, but it seemed painful for her to do so. Her best friend Jemiah was there with the mock-up of the cover of her novel that is coming out in February. Its one of those 250 pg trashy vampire horror-type novels. She seemed to mock it, yet act proud of it at the same time. I guess its hard for her to accept that she wrote a totally formula book since she went to Reed College and all. All the talk of books and publishing has got my brain working in high gear though, so I am going to spend some time tonight getting some plot written out.

Alex's ex-girlfriend had already been at the party and left by the time we got there. So, another conflict avoided, which was good. I had one drink, and I was very nice to everyone. It was a pretty good time. I'm proud of myself for remaining friendly and nice among all that hipster-ness that makes me feel ill most of the time.

On Saturday, Alex and I spent the whole day together doing fun stuff. It was such a nice day, even though it was raining. Its days like the one we spent together that make me fall in love with him even more. He is so wonderful.

We went to pick up the glass for his thrift store table he's refinishing, and then went to the nursery to get some grass seed for his yard. I like going to the nursery and looking at all the plants. I had to restrain myself from buying another houseplant since I don't have much more window space for the ones I already have. After that, we went to Trader Joe's to get some groceries. Then, we took the food back to his place, put it away, and went to go get lunch. We went to Zupan's, which is a grocery store on Belmont in Portland. I love their deli sandwiches, so I got one of those, and Alex got some fresh sushi. We sat by the window near the florist area of the store and ate our food while talking about anything and everything.

After that, we went over to Hawthorne street, and went to Ground Kontrol, which is the coolest retro arcade. All 80's video games at 80's prices. I played some Dig Dug, Burger Time, Tetris, Ms. Pac Man, and Missile Command. It was so much fun! It was getting hot and stuffy in the arcade, so we walked down the block to the used bookstore and started wandering in there. What fun! Alex bought me three books that he wanted me to read. We went back to his house, hung out for a while, then came over to my house and made dinner. Grilled cheese, bean with bacon soup, and glasses of milk - a nice dinner for a cold and rainy day. We rented a movie, The Craft, and settled down for an evening of silly witchy girls. After the movie, we decided to play Upwords. I actually won for a change, but only by about 8 points. After that we were both nodding off, so we retired to the bedroom to cuddle. I fell asleep with my head on his chest.

Got up this morning and read the paper with Alex, and then he went home to get some yardwork done before it started raining again. I ended up trapped in front of the TV since The House of Yes was on TV. I watched that, then got trapped into the next movie, which was some straight to video thing with Reese Witherspoon in it. Finally got online, emailed the people who won my eBay auctions, and I'm writing this down.

Slow day, but a good weekend. Tomorrow I must concentrate on the job search again.

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Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar - The Ram's savvy business skills are evoked as Venus contacts Neptune. A financial meeting of the minds can produce unexpected profits. When was your last visit to the theater or concert hall? Treat a partner to a night on the town.

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It makes me want to prove I am

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