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I keep thinking weird things in the car while I drive to work, but I can never remember them when I get to a place that I can type them. Most of what I think seems somewhat profound, or at least profound at the time, and I really should figure out a way to get those thoughts recorded while they are still in my head.

I'm avoiding thinking much about anything today, but that seems to be an exercise in futility. I think no matter how hard I try not to. Yesterday was a really rotten day. I woke up in a bad mood and remained in a bad mood for the entire day. Even the cute little trick-o'-treaters didn't bring me out of my funk. I ended up close to yelling at my boyfriend on the phone last night, but instead turned into a weeping, soggy mess.

My boyfriend is wonderful and all, but he's not perfect, and we've hit a roadbump lately. I've been resisting the urge to write it all down and slap it up in day logs since I don't think its really something that should be shared much. I'll just summarize it simply, and leave it at that. We aren't spending enough time together, and its really bothering me. I want to be supportive of his job, since being a professor is tough, but its hard when I never see him. When I do see him, it just doesn't seem like enough time.

I want to move in with him. This is a realization I've come to in the last month or so, and it surprised me. I've always been a very independent person. I have always valued my personal space. I still value my personal space. I just want to spend more time with him and really share my life with him, and I haven't felt that kind of a commitment before. I want to discuss this in more detail with him, but every time I bring it up it "isn't the time".

He's coming over tonight, and after my outburst last night, I think we are going to end up talking about things and hopefully working some stuff out so that we aren't quite so cranky around each other. Helpful hint for everyone else - it's a bad idea to start a new job at about the same time that your significant other starts a new job. You both end up tired, cranky, and generally pissed off at each other.

Driving a longer commute has made me a more considerate driver with regards to letting people merge in heavy traffic, but I am a lot less tolerant of completely stupid drivers who can't grasp the basic courtesy rules of commuting. I also think that big rigs should be banned from the freeways during the morning commuting hours.

I am sick to death of the election hoopla. I voted last week, since I have permanent absentee status, and the ballot should be sitting safely in the Clark County election's office. I'm ready for it all to be over so the political commercials will stop. The only political commercial I have found amusing is the Snickers commerical that has the guy going to the voting booth, and having a donkey and an elephant sitting on his shoulders arguing about who to vote for.

Elephant: I wear pants like my dad.
Donkey: I invented pants.

So yeah, I voted for the donkey. I didn't want to vote for anyone this year, even though I have a crush on Al Gore. I'm disgusted with the whole political process. But, I did vote for Al, mainly because of my childhood. I remember spending the Reagan 80's terrified of nuclear war. To me, republicans represent a scary time in my life, even though I can agree with a lot of their positions on issues now. I just can't bring myself to elect a Republican to office because it scares me to think of full scale war. Irrational I know, but I can't help it. I'm also pro-choice. And, I live in a swing state, so I didn't vote for Nader like I did last year. The thought of George W. "Dumbass" Bush in office scares me half to death.

It all disgusts me, and I'm glad its almost over. And, now my day is pretty much over, so this day log is over.

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Today’s Horoscope on my Calendar (Aries) - Work behind the scenes to promote your interests. Too much time on center stage may be counterproductive as Jupiter blocks the Sun. Don't betray anyone's trust with Neptune on the warpath. Emphasize loyalty and honor.