I finished this school project today. Enjoy it.

As I have grown up, I have watched and been interested by the news more and more. Admittedly, I used to watch it a bit more than I used to… mainly because of Edwin Maher’s creative weather pointers. I have seen changes in politics, science and technology, economy, and most importantly, the world.

I saw the Twin Towers collapse, I saw the London bombings and both Bali bombings, I saw action in Iraq, I saw the Boxing Day tsunami. I have seen death and destruction, I have seen lives changed within two seconds, and I have seen and felt for people caught in the middle of everything.

It’s all everyone can talk about for days afterwards. On the day of the London bombings, I tapped into E2. All that was in the chatterbox was London, London, London. It’s the same for any major world event. If anything has happened, it’s talked about.

Changes in Australia are also shown on the news, albeit later on. There might not be any big news, like the Rialto being hit by planes or the St Kilda Market being bombed, but what is left is still news. Murder and manslaughter, politicians and political scandals, the decision about Makybe Diva and Shane Warne’s latest sex scandal.

As you watch more and more of the news, you notice certain similarities in each event of the same type. Politicians are all stupid, for example, no matter who they are. Celebrities never get privacy because the media just wants a story to put on television. An angry, protesting mob is always made up of people, no matter what. There will always be someone who disagrees with a new political change. Medical news is always about breakthroughs that might be crucial to human survival in later life. Sports reports always focus on the winner, or the team or person who is representing the country. I could go on forever.

Ooh, that was fun. Problem is, it also made me nauseous. It sickens me to think that the media is doing that to us, trying to warp our minds to see their point of view. If you watch current affairs programs, it’s always about some teary-eyed person who lost their partner, or was involved in some sort of scandal, or was a burnt-out celebrity who now makes their living selling pencils on a street corner.

And they always noticeably expound on that. They always tell sob stories. It never, ever fails. They’re trying to make money by making people feel even more upset than they already are, and viewers guilty for sitting on their arses and doing nothing about it. The media mob’s a tough bunch, and that’s not about to change. I notice that a media mob is always made of people too – cruel people with no hearts and no souls. No respect for people who have just had their hearts broken, people who have been caught in the middle of a scandal. Shame about that.

I guess they’ll never learn.

The trees cannot be glowing,
           they havent seen the sun
in four days.

against the angry goose grey sky

           the trees
seem to have a light of their own:

these trees are on fire.

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