Again, for the second night in a row, I have a dream where I work in a cold office. I think my mind is trying to tell me I don't belong there.

I enter the dream at full thrust. I'm back at the hospital I worked at nearly 7 years ago, rushing between the ER and the computer room trying to make things work.

Going back and forth, I keep hearing snatches of conversation between Betty White and her rather cute son. It sounds interesting, but I can't make out the full gist of it, since I'm doing other things.

Finally, I have a moment to catch my breath, and since Betty and her son are convienently near a sink, I take a moment to wash my hands.

Seems the son is a somewhat wayward chap who's finally waking up to the concept of responsibility. At the conclusion of the conversation, I ask the son where's he's going. He replies, "To Hawaii, so I can see my son. I can get high with him." In response, I ask the guy, who doesn't look a day older than 25, how old his son is. "Twenty one," he replies.


However, no rest for the nosy in this dream. It's time for me to work on the phone system, because my boss (who was my boss in a completely different job irl) tells me to. Dolly Parton's phone (this is a star-studded dream!!) isn't displaying the information she needs it to, and she needs help ... STAT!

I fix that problem, and have a moment to myself. I retreat to my office, which is a room within a room, basically a glassed-in area that's been partitioned off from the larger room. I sit down, and it's here where I realize two things.

One, it's horribly cold. Two, I'm not wearing any pants, I've got a hospital blanket wrapped around my waist instead. "Just like last night's dream," I think to myself.

I'm then paged to go to the ER (again), and on the way, the blanket keeps flopping open in both front and back. Rather than be embarrassed by this, I'm irritated that clothing styles in this dream are rather stupid. I pass Jack Lemmon in a wheelchair having his hair set by a nurse, and finally arrive at the ER.

Where I find an old high school chum, one whom I've been meaning to e-mail IRL (whom I haven't e-mailed because I've discovered E2 and the joy of noding since I wrote her last) waiting for me. She plops herself down on my lap (hard to do since I'm standing) and introduces me to her sister whilst lighting up a cigarette. I acknowledge the introduction, then realize that I've seen both of these women before, but seen them only in dreams, and in prior dreams, they've played different parts.

Then I wake up.