A quiet day all up. Gave up on work at around 1530 and went out to the cafe to see what was up. They were pretty busy which was great after yesterday's pathetic turn-out. Helped them catch up with dishes then went home and played.

The weather is starting to pick up around this side of the world. Spring is in the air, and the flowers are all starting to come back out and see what is going on. The plants in the garden have taken over the place, and without time to spend in there keeping them in line they are starting to engulf the entire house and path. Must get in there with a machette before they take over the world

It's raining today, and I am reminded of a time a few weeks back when we had a heavy thunder storm. I was driving out to the cafe and there was lightning all around. The rain was so heavy the traffic, light as it was, was travelling at around 30kph. I cranked some thumping music up on the stereo and made the windows flex. I had a huge grin on my face and just marvelled at the force of nature all around me. At one stage I counted up to 6 rainbows at various locations in the sky, including a triple one over the blackened ocean. Mother Nature has such an eye for beauty, and never fails to stun me. I drove at a speed to keep me under the storm as long as possible, which was moving North fairly rapidly. I managed to stay under it for about 3/4 of the half hour trip. I love the extremes! The jagged lightning against the black clouds, the bright rainbows, the torrential rain, the loud music, the ear-splitting thunder (mostly drowned out by the sound of rain and the music), and the feeling of safety and comfort whilst surrounded by this raw power.