I was in a meeting this morning regarding the Wall of Remembrance project at the university. For the past six years or so a group of elderly university employees have been pushing the idea of building a massive granite wall that will list the names of long-time university employees who have died. It looks like this thing is finally going to be built sometime early next year. In the meeting we were discussing what type of atomosphere the Wall area should exude. Here's a partial transcript...
Boss: "Think about it, it'll be nice. You can come in and sit down in front of the wall and see your name."
Me: "Wait... whose names are going on this wall again?"
Boss: "Long-time employees who have died."
Me: "So people are going to come to this wall and see their names after they've died?"
Later we were discussing how large this wall needs to be if it's going to continue to list dead employees for years to come. There's 128 names waiting to be listed on the wall right now and the question was about how many spaces we need to leave for future names.
Boss: "Well, let's think about it. How many employees are going to die someday?"
Me: "Um, all of them?"
The meeting went downhill from there.

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