The Science and Engineering campus of Edinburgh University, being situated a bit out of town, near the Blackford Observatory. Quite nice, but can be a bit creepy sometimes -- the buildings also exhibit quite a few spatial phenomena (yes, I mean the Star Trek kind...)

Probably the most bizarre place I have ever had the pleasure of studying at. Like a garden maze, paths end up in random dead ends, and twist through strange, previously unnoticed buildings of unknown function.

Some of the places you end up in are, as nine9 mentioned, creepy. One path just off the King's Buildings Centre leads to an idyllic patch of grass, flowery hedges all around, and a bench at one side. No-one has ever been seen sitting there, for unknown and probably very sinister reasons.

In front of the Chemistry building there is a white statue, streaked with the blackness of age. With eyes staring blindly, he extends a hand towards you, revealing five stumps where his fingers used to be.

Another path, on the west side of the site, winds through a bunch of small buildings, including one dedicated to the study of Scottish botany. A patch of grass behind this sports a bush of enormous and twisted thistles, bent into a visible anguish of warped growth by whatever magickal powers these demonic botanists hold.

Yes, it is indeed a strange realm; a land of the surreal interbred with the mundane, a place of the wyrd and the haunting... But I dare not explore any further into its depths than I have already - do so at your own peril.

The statue SpudTaster mentions is of a Scottish physicisit called David Brewster. He developed the law of reflection of ligt. He also invented the Kalidescope.

Just by that verdant green patch of grass, I saw a fox, we stared at each other for a few moments, then the fox fecked off somewhere.

Kings buildings is the home of JCMB which rightly has it's own node.

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