One day, late and the sun had set, on Bruntsfield links I would write my love for someone. That Edinburgh winter and the snow had settled, a comforter to the city. Athens of the north, that far north with so few hours of sunlight.

I had gone down Morningside road, hunting for food to bring back, to my mate, my friend. Chips aquired and on the return, looking up to the window from the street and the curtains drawn, I skipped into the links, and dragged with my heal this message into the snow "I love you".

Some coaxing to get her to the window, I had to issue a command, but she looked and she was pleased.

In daylight hours, I'd see people passing by, they'd look into that field and smile, couples hold each others hands a little more perhaps ?

One day all the girls in Edinburgh conspire to decide to display flesh, It is winter, and then on one day, spring has arrived, a halo of bellies, laughing ladies jogging around the park outside my window. What I want to know is how to they know to coordinate?

The golfers are out too, the winter puddles, frozen, now melted, now drained away and the links is playable, those undulating hillocks, up from the Meadows are dry enough to swing a club on. The Golf Tavern comes into it's own.

The long days settle in, out playing vollyball, playing frisbee till dark, and you'd get hit by the damn thing if it wasn't glowing.

One day Claire and Ele come into the flat with two men and a sofa. The sofa had been abandond on the links. The girls couldn't carry it, just sat on it till two walking bags of hormones came their way, polite though, they carried in our new piece of funrnature, shared a tea and left.

The leaves crown doen now, occasional rains, and the sky to the east, my god, you can see over the rooftops all the way out to hills, the sky, gold emblazoned, reds and ochres.

Party season, cheer ourselves up, in prepreation for the coming darkness. Dirk's birthday on the third floor, andI'm in my room, my little cubbyhole, out into the hall, and someone says "Ian somebody has fallen out the window", what ?, look in their eyes, truth, and I'm down in the street, barefoot amonst the glass, swimming shorts and nothing else, holding his head, the body is moaning and leaking, the blood spreads out on the street in front of the park. Another laens foreward and cries out "Al are you ok?" Allesandro ! this is Allesandro my flatmate, and face down he is unrecognisable.

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