I'm not sure what I want to do right now.

I received my stock report yesterday, via the friendly neighborhood mailman. After seeing that, I've been thinking heavily about buying my uncle's half of the house I'm living in from him. The house has not been getting any attention until I moved in, so I think I should be given an oppurtuniy to buy it.
Just for the record, the house I speak of was my grandmother's home, when my girlfriend and I broke up, I needed to new place to live, so I moved in to that house.

Fun news, I will be going to visit Allison this weekend, in COLLEGE STATION. She is having her first party, and only a select few have been invited, but I'm extending the invite, to all who can read, the only problem is I don't know the address. The plan is to party one night, and the next night, everyone is going down to the shooting range, for some plunking.