Well, started out today on Everything, before sleeping I ranted about the stupid node name limit. It has been an uneventful day in work, had bad pizza for lunch.

Worked out at the gym, new running record for me 4 miles in 35 minutes! Yeah, yeah!

News Items for September 7, 1999


The date of the earthquake very close to Athens. Largest Athens quake in a century, and largest in Greece in twenty years. The epicenter of the quake was at 38.13N 23.55E, between Menidi and Mount Parnes. It was a 5.9 on the Richter Scale.

Below is a legacy Everything Day Log. Looking back several years later (2004-05-22), I see that this node is my lowest rep, whereas the two I mentioned in it from the same day are 14 to 16 higher.

Certainly, this is not the most interesting EDL, but not what I'd expect to be the lowest of all my lame writeups.

Anyway, I've turned it into something useful now (above), but shall keep the day log as well.

Today I integrated. See September 7, 1999 and August 19, 1999. Glad to see Saige is back. We missed you, Saige.
I ate lunch and supper. Noded stuff such as Xu and Xenolith. We got back up to 11.7229427148640418443019381650127. Alright! Did some Star Trek nodes.
I like how Shafik is helping Everything Daily News but he doesn't link it ever!


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