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I'm Suzanne M. Saunders, findable elsewhere online as Segnbora or Segnbora-t. Facebook friend requests are welcome at (but tell me who you are on E2, please)., if you're interested...
Particularly the mirror of Pictures of Everythingians at and the Web Pages of Everythingians list (info from a now-twice-deleted node {not one of mine}) at

And I have a LiveJournal (, unsurprisingly).

I spend some time, off and on, entering stuff through the EverybodysCyclopedia account. It started out as just entering amusing old stuff, but it's become a way to fill up holes in this database. If you don't like it, then you'd better get researching and write more-than-one-paragraph writeups on such historical personages so that I won't need to fill in with encyclopedia entries from 1912.

I've got one of them there CafePress stores full of E2 merchandise with profits formerly going to E2 (and was damn flattered that people have bought stuff). Check it out at And a Ninjagirls Fundraiser store at .

But recently I've been creating merchandise at -- they don't have as wide a selection of merchandise, but they allow more than one of each type of product. My stuff is at* (yes, the asterisk is part of the URL). And for completely non-E2 related crafts of mine for sale, see

I remember having met: 00100, Accipiter, ailie, anml4ixoye, Anark, Apatrix, avalyn, BAR, becca, Billy, birdlace, Bitca, bluedragon, brainwave, brassmule, briiiiian, brumby, cahla, cbustapeck, ccunning, Chihuahua Grub, Chiisuta, Conventional Oven, cow of doom, czeano, dann, discofever, disgruntledwren, drunkenmonkey, elephino, EvilTemptress, Feldar, galt, GangstaFeelsGood, General Lee, glyph, grundoon, guinea pig, HojiMoji, Iconoplast, Illumina, Indra363, Infinite Burn, jessicapierce, jethro bodine, Juliet, Jurph, karma debt, karmaflux, knile, LaggedyAnne, liha, mat catastrophe, Metacognizant, Mitzi, ModernAngel, mordel, NinjaPenguin, No Springs, NoahPierce, nocte, O-Swirl, panamaus, perdedor, Phyllis Stein, piq, pitcher, Pyrogenic, Qeyser, radlab0, randir, Scribe, Servo5678, Skweejeepusher, Spackle, ssd, swankivy, tandex, Templeton, _the_devil_, TheDeadGuy, thefez, TonyStarke, ur55318008, vilk, Walter, witchiepoo, WonkoDSane, Zaph, zophos, zot-fot-piq. Apologies to anyone I've forgotten about meeting.

Stuff of E2 Historical Interest

Because the Agnostic Everythingians node was deleted, here is the list formerly contained therein:

Rant from 2004:

I love E2, which my time writing for it, voting on writeups, making graphics to put on stuff to sell on CafePress to sell for E2, and knitting afghan squares to raffle off for E2 proves. However, I am getting more and more and more frustrated with other users getting treated like DMan--locked out of their E2 accounts--for a crime or misbehavior that no one but whatever admins did the locking seems to know about, and indeed the locking itself is only known to others through grapevine. I heard about WonkoDSane, I don't remember where, but if it weren't for another user's homenode I wouldn't know about karmaflux, Frankie, SEF, and Spackle. Will I try to log in one day and find that I've been locked out just for posting this paragraph?

Added later: OK, conversations on LiveJournal have given me the idea that WonkoDSane is supposed to have been locked out for systematic downvoting {though I don't think that's ever been forbidden as opposed to disapproved of] or other behavior not befitting an editor. And 2 days after originally posting this paragraph, I happened to be logged on when dem bones stated in the chatterbox, "I locked SEF's account for repeated libel over a period of 14 months." That's a start for knowledge.)

As I write this, the chatterbox topic is "You could be doing a writeup instead of tilting at windmills." Is it tilting at windmills to find a place worth trusting my writeups to?

Alex tells me that the site administration is not high-and-mighty and will answer questions about this kind of thing. This is good to know. But a) how will we know when to ask, if a user just disappears and there's no way to tell if they have chosen to flee or been locked out? and b) how are we supposed to know what behavior is going to get someone kicked off the site? Hell, until recently newer users had no way to even know about the site's most well-known-back-then expellee, DMan (it took years after his expulsion before anyone even put on his homenode that this user was now locked out); how is one supposed to know what lesser crimes are expulsion-worthy? There is little history on this site, just gossip (frequently one-sided).

You can ask a site "god" (and remember, the admins with that old joke of a group name are just people) or editor about things. I've disputed several moves of my writeups to new titles that I didn't think were appropriate; argued over the occasional deletion (certainly not all of them, given the size of my Node Heaven) and as with the former Agnostic Everythingians node below, decided to preserve content here that editorial policy no longer approves of in nodes. It's not so easy to ask about other people's stuff but sometimes it needs to be done. Indeed, Alex's discussion with me about this rant of mine reveals that it can be encouraged: "2004.4.24@20:55 @ Alex says 'If only they'd bloody ask! Hell, just this morning I was bitching at the editorial collective for not talking to admins enough. It's not limited to users, it's a pervasive attitude that communication isn't worth the trouble.'"

Even older rant:

On wharfinger's home node, he quotes dem bones as saying, "E2 does not save its fingernails and urine in large, glass jars marked with dates and names and feelings. E2 does not 'record for posterity' all of its belches, burps and fuck-ups."

Well, I say, "Why the hell not?!" As Roninspoon points out in his writeup in Node for the Ages, the writeups that would be useful to the future are the ones that describe the way things are around us now. Seems to me that includes daylogs, E2 gathering writeups, and all the Everything is a Community/Everything is a Family stuff that records Internet social relations of these years. If you really want to node for the ages, create stuff that can serve the way Samuel Pepys' diary serves those who want to know about English life in the 1600s, or the way Mary Chestnut's diary serves those researching what people thought in the Confederacy before and during the American Civil War. These things probably seemed like recording nail clippings and belches at the time.

The content that is community-building stuff here and now is likely to be the sort of thing the social historians of the future will want to find (and have more trouble digging up due to the fragility of electronic data and the fact that so many people share the opinion that it's not worth keeping. I like to think I node mostly facts for the interest and use of people now, but yet another encyclopedic collection is not irreplacable. People stuff is. I never bitch when my writeups are superseded and deleted, but I'm going to have to add my voice to the growing chorus of voices bitching about the restriction of community-building stuff and some administrators' pressure to turn this site into just an impersonal encyclopedia.

And I really hate seeing good people driven away by this. Even content editors, presumably at some past point seen as upholding the quality of the site, are fed up with the anti-community attitude -- doesn't that say something? But me, well, you can't drive me away. Popping up on occasion as a surprise thorn in the side is more fun than wandering away grumbling.