In the year 1600...

These people were born in 1600:

These people died in 1600:

1599 - 1600 - 1601

17th century


I slept a minute for each friend I had left
And La Scala shut tight and barred treble clef
She turned to Big Ben who struck Nothing O' Clock
And left me behind for our Nil O' Clock Walk

Past the pagoda I felt a cold chill
The Lurkers lurked, lurking, dying to kill
One thousand six hundred stepped out from his bluff
five words he did speak, although four were enough

The streaks that passed through me, I know them by name.
Paul, Julia, Brian, my own forsook fame
And out from the gap in the one point three eight
Poured fire and brimstone and precipitate

Jose stood shocked, Caulfield didn't bat an eye
Patriots and Johnny made as though to cry
Hippocrates, Galen, Susruta and Gray
on topics like blood loss had nothing to say

Roosevelt showed up to quell all of my fears,
though lacking in knowledge I kept shedding tears
I stepped out the window, once more shouted Ben,
"You're leaving us now, but we'll cross paths again!"

Then spoke all the Englishmen waiting to die,
They turned to another. "Who's next, is it I?"

People look to me for more words than I've said,
O! The things I would say if I rose from this bed
Love life and love lovers and find love in the spring
And in cold dark winters love all the same things

Be here and be kind and be wise and be well,
Hold fast to illusions of Heaven and Hell.

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