It's ragged at the edges, but you can play any of 300 characters, some more involving than others. It's a thriller, it's a romance, it's a tragedy, it's a porno, it's eco-modernist kitchen sink science-fiction that you catch, like a cold.
Try to remember it's only a game.
King Mob, from Glitterdammerung


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  • Why did the chicken cross the road: The X-files by Queequeg there is a perfectly rational, scientific explanation for this
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  • Isaiah Berlin by zetes two lines on a prominent British intellectual
  • Joan Jeanrenaud by eav contained many close non-quotations to other bios available online, and one gross inaccuracy
  • well meaning hypocrite by vega_star at the noder's request
  • 0wn by avitz speculative etymology
  • Hotboxing Los Angeles by Calast stoner culture
  • Good reasons to leave my computer-centred world alone by Pstonie responsorial
  • Surprising Emperor Dragon by Ariffic thidden on Tiger Mountain
  • tinfoil hat by gordonf it is not enough to claim that research bore no fruit
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  • October 17, 2004 by ameriwire at the noder's request
  • You really shouldn't let people you don't know tie you up by Mike1024 and alexfiles when "me too" becomes "a friend of mine also heard" it is time to edit
  • If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee by jaubertmoniker that's strange, there's nothing there
  • Falklands War by amien pointed out a couple of factual errors in another WU in the node, should have been posted to Broken Nodes or E2 Nuke Request, most certainly part of a great conspiracy to cover-up this military action
  • Falklands War by zav200 a poorly written essay that contained a couple of factual errors and had been superseded by a different WU in the same node
  • Vodka and tonic by pyrite504 superseded
  • busy kitty: overcoming feline inertia by hexkitty the E2 Feline Conspiracy asked me to cover-up this WU on putting cats to work
  • sidetalking by Adman definitions of local slang never seem useful
  • being surviving and living by bronskyirving first node by a new noder, who was referred to the FAQs
  • Pope Fiction by whizkid dumb title, bad story
  • OTT by pingouin expansion of abbreviations is done under the phrase itself
  • Mr. T Party by frost I pity the fool who posts nodes like this

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