There is freedom within
there is freedom without
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup.

Don't dream it's over-Crowded House

Do you know what an optimist is? I thought I knew, but I didn't. I knew some people who always seemed "up." Folks who could always look on the bright side of life. But this girl, she was different. Life for her, every day, was like some great surprise. It was as if she saw every day as a banana split, while the rest of us just saw vanilla (or worse, tapioca).

But I was sure I had found a situation that would sour even her mood. Outdoor concert, heat and humidity that frizzed her hair and left her grimy. Then the rain, a storm that sent waves of wind and water sideways. The type of storm that allowed no real cover and left our socks wet enough we could twist them out and make little puddles next to the big puddles on the edge of the concession stand. So what does she do? She combs out her hair, and starts squeezing her shirt into an empty beer cup.

Me, shocked-"And that is for?"

Her, calm, satisfied smile- Well, I think we ought to save it for that one dry spot in a 60 mile radius.

Me, shaking my head, forced to laugh-"No, really!"

Her, about squeezed out -I don't know I just I thought the ground didn't need anymore.

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