I am a tinman.

I want to tell you about my world, but I cannot blink with these eyes. You hear the sound of the rain "pitter patter" against my hard skin, as I watch your hair become wet. I will listen to your heart, just to be safe that it is beating.

Pitter patter. Bu-bump. Pitter patter. Bu-bump.

You could freeze me with a stare like yours. Let us just dance for a moment. I want to dance. I want to see you move.

Bu-bump. Bu-bump.

Your eyes, they are so cold? But you hold onto my body. There is litte to grasp, but you tug me and I tug you back. Let us leave the world together.

Bu-bump. Pitter patter. Bu-bump. Patter.

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up.

Pitter patter. Pitter patter.

I never asked for this. Let me inside! Let me inside! I will fight for you!


I am the Robot, looking for a heart. You are the human, looking like a robot.

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