I was watching Crimes and Misdemeanors the other day, and, well, if you've seen it, you probably already know what I'm getting at. If you haven't, and plan to watch it, skip on to the next paragraph - this one's a spoiler. What happens is this: a woman goes out with a guy several times. They go back to her place. He offers to tie her up, for some kinky sex. Keep in mind she's gone out with him only a few times. She never tried it before, but agrees. At this point I was thinking, as you probably are, "What a fucking retard." So what then happens is this: he stands above her, pees on her and leaves. She is left there, tied to the bed, and drenched in his urine. He did it just for kicks.

Somebody who was watching it with me said "She's such an idiot. This could never happen in real life." And then I thought about it: not only do I know of one case of this happenning in real life, I know of two. These sources are credible. They are both friends of mine. The first is true beyond a doubt, as I had to comfort the person in question the following day. The second story I believe is possibly true, but would not stake my life on it. In any case, I bring these here so that, should any of you ever think of trying out something so blatantly stupid, you might think again. (Should you wish to try BDSM or whatever, find someone you trust, I mean really trust.)

Story 1
My friend, who is gay, wanted to try some bondage and S&M for some time. He met someone in the park, who seemed very nice. They went out, and the other person mentioned S&M. They discussed it, set a safeword, and decided that they would give it a go, but that, it being my friend's first time, he (the other person) would go easy on him. And this is what happened: My friend, after dressing in some leather outfit, was tied up so that he couldn't move. He was expecting slight roughing up and perhaps some anal sex. What he got was a cork stuck up his bum. And that's all. The cork was inserted at around midnight, and all my friend's pleading and crying would not get the cork removed. He wanted badly to go to the toilet, but the cork was only removed 6 hours later. He wanted S&M. He got sadism, but not quite what he expected.

Story 2
A friend of mine went to a prostitute in New York. She offered to tie him up, and said it would be worth his while. Well, was it indeed! They went to a motel, and she tied him face down on the bed. I have no idea why he agreed to this, and in retrospect, neither does he. When he was tied up good and well, she opened the door, and in came (in his words) 'a big black man in a Superman costume', and proceeded to fuck him up the ass. Naturally they then took all of his belongings and left him there.

So please don't let people you don't know really well tie you up.

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