Parts Needed:

Hollow out the book, and paste the porn on the cover. Down the outside spine of the book, attach two parallel pieces of foil tape, ensure there is a gap between the pieces. Now run pieces down the two outside edges of the cover. If you were to open the book and place it page side down, it would look something like this:

|#      |# #|      #|
|#      |# #| porn #|
|#      |# #|      #|
|#      |# #|      #|
|#      |# #|      #|

Notice the placement of the four pieces of foil tape,  represented by #'s.
Now we build our shocker. I'm sure there are much more elegant ways to do this, but I'm no electronic guru!

Connect the switch to the battery holder (either pole) and conect these to the relay. This way, the relay closes when the switch is NOT pressed.

Now connect the positive pole of the battery holder to the "switch part" of the relay, and connect the other side of this relay's switch to the low-voltage side of the transformer. Connect the other low-voltage transformer wire to the negative pole of the battery.

Ok, now to test it. Keeping away from the high voltage side of the transformer, connect the battery. If everything is working correctly, the relay should start clicking rapidly. If you bring the two high voltage wires close to each other, you should see a tiny spark with each click of the relay. If you push the button, the clicking should stop. Disconnect the battery to save its life. This inefficient device spends batteries quickly!

Now that the shocker works, cement it firmly into the hollow book. Position the switch so it is pressed while the book is closed, but it is unpressed when the book is open.

Connect one of the high voltage wires to a foil strip on the spine, and also to one of the edge strips. Connect other high voltage wire to the two remaining strips.

Keeping away from the foil, plug the battery into its holder, and close the book.

Now open the book to see if the shock is fatal. punch thyself! This is the price for your mischief.

Actually, the shock is quite harmless. (I think.)

Now leave the book in a conspicuous place.

Update, July 2006: Maybe I've gotten less mischevious in my old age, because I haven't built any torture devices like this in a long time. Still, I'd love to hear field reports from anyone who builds one. k thx.

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