Killed: SunKing's writeup in frankenstein. Total content: "Shut the hell up, geek." Why, yes, that's completely useless and off-topic. Thank you for your input and please go to hell.

Killed: lakeid's writeup in the Monster Mash. Total content: "It was a graveyard smash." Grumbled and glared about this one for days. Catbox conversation with dannye convinced me that there were greater tragedies if this one bit it. It's a nodeshell now.

Killed: Writeups by Blackavar and some monkeyboy called Jet-Poop in Tatoo You. The first one said only that it was a misspelling. The second one was trying to be funny. This one is now a nodeshell.

And don't vote this up, okay? The reps on my Editor Logs are beating the hell outta all my other writeups.