there were these trees, achingly beautiful trees that took over everything and even the grass disappeared, it was swallowed by roots jutting from the earth at peculiar angles.

i would always remember the earth i'd sat upon and wondered at the universe, even when i was so young. it would stick in my mind those times when i felt captured by school work and cruel children. i would remember how many ants of a reddish hue crawled over what i assumed to be tiny pieces of dirt, and yet, they would struggle, always struggle. i think it was then that i realized how huge this place is, this world.. how many different perspectives even the tiniest things can be viewed from. i wonder now, if this is something most everyone figures out so early on.. i know that some little humans never do. they never realize just how small they are..

it would seem i could find a similar place no matter where my parents happened to settle down, toss us into a new life. i could always find that one place where i'd sit and sing quietly to myself and spill thought through wide, curious eyes. i'd even had a swing, more than once. here, there is a corner where i can nestle in and stare out at fields, trees, and watch little bats swoop around my head.

it is these places that always take up permanent residence, floating in my head. i left pieces of me in each, memories, and.. i guess that's why i think i'd like to go to them again some day, perhaps gather the bits of me scattered around the universe, and make my thought'y matter whole again.

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