Want to combat the growing AOL plague? Don't know how?

Make it grow faster! Use up every possible AOL username so even the free trial CDs won't work.

This is a much better version than the one I posted the first time. Give it a file full of words (I've already done /usr/dict/words) and it will register AOL users for all of them. Send it random junk. Output of your latest debugging session. Or just run it and type stuff. I present aolcruft.pl :

while (<>) {
    chomp; $status = 'ok';
    $email = substr(rand(),0,5)."\@aol.com";
    open LF,"lynx -dump 'http://aim.aol.com:80/aimnew/create_new.adp?name=".
    $status = "exists" if ((join '',) =~ /Try a new Screen Name/);
    print "$name $status\n";

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