British and Irish Poets and Poems

Part of The Everything Anthology of Poetry

Douglas Adams
Ode To a Small Lump of Green Putty I Found In My Armpit One Midsummer Morning
Oh freddled gruntbuggly, thy nacturations are to me!
Take me apart to get me there
Matthew Arnold
Dover Beach
In Harmony with Nature
To Marguerite - Continued
W.H. Auden
Musee des Beaux Arts
Lay your sleeping head, my love
That Night When Joy Began
The Quarry
The Unknown Citizen
William Blake
Songs of Experience (collection)
Songs of Innocence (collection)
The Angel
The Book of Thel
The Echoing Green
To Nobodaddy
To the Accuser Who Is the God of This World
The Voice of the Ancient Bard
Emily Bronte
A Day Dream
A death-scene
Faith and Despondency
Honour's Martyr
How clear she shines
Last Lines
The Philosopher
Plead for Me
The Prisoner
Stanzas to ----
To Imagination
Rupert Brooke
The Soldier
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
See Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Robert Browning
The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church
Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
A Grammarian's Funeral Shortly After The Revival of Learning in Europe
Home Thoughts, From Abroad
Love Among the Ruins
My Last Dutchess
Pippa's Song
Porphyria's Lover
The Strange Medical Experience of Karshish, the Arab Physician
Youth and Art
Robert Burns
Address to a Haggis
Ae Fond Kiss
Auld Lang Syne
The Banks o' Doon
Lines on War
A Man's a Man for A' That
A Red, Red Rose
Ye Jacobites By Name
Scots, Wha Hae
Selkirk Grace
Sweet Afton
Sylvander to Clarinda
To a Mouse
Ye Jacobites By Name
Lord Byron
The Destruction of Sennacherib
John Keats
She Walks in Beauty
Stanzas Written on the Road Between Florence and Pisa
Lewis Carroll
A-Sitting On a Gate
The Hunting of The Snark
The Walrus and the Carpenter
Tweedledum and Tweedledee
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat
You are old, Father William
Geoffrey Chaucer
The Canterbury Tales
Love Gregor
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Answer to a Child's Question
Kubla Khan
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Something Childish, but Very Natural
Abraham Cowley
The Given Heart
I came, I saw and was undone
John Donne
See The poetry of John Donne
Elizabeth I
Written with a Diamond on her Window at Woodstock
Written in her French Psalter
James Elroy Flecker
To A Poet A Thousand Years Hence
No Coward's Song
Robert Graves
Mermaid, Dragon, Fiend
The Next War
She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep
The Troll's Nosegay
Thomas Hardy
Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?
In Time of "The Breaking of Nations"
The Dead Man Walking
The Man He Killed
The To-be-forgotten
Seamus Heaney
Requiem for the Croppies
The Tollund Man
William Ernest Henley
George Herbert
The Answer
The Call
The Elixir
The Foil
A True Hymn
Robert Herrick
A Child's Grace
Comfort to a Youth that had lost his Love
Delight in Disorder
Epitaph, upon a Child that died
The Funeral Rites of the Rose
His Desire
His Winding-Sheet
Litany to the Holy Spirit
The Mad Maiden's Song
A meditation for his mistress
An Ode for Him (Ben Jonson)
The Perfume
The Rosary
To Daffodils
To Dianeme
To Electra
To Meadows
To Music, to becalm his Fever
To Oenone
To The Maids, To Walk Abroad.
To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time (Gather ye rosebuds)
To Violets
To Virgins
To the Willow-tree
Upon a Virgin Kissing a Rose
Upon Julia's Voice
Upon Roses
The Vine
The Weeping Cherry
Gerard Manley Hopkins
As Kingfishers Catch Fire
Binsey Poplars
God's Grandeur
The Golden Echo
The Leaden Echo
Margaret Clitheroe
Pied Beauty
The Windhover
A.E. Housman
A Shropshire Lad (collection)
Ted Hughes
Crow Hears Fate Knock on the Door
Do Not Pick Up the Telephone
Hawk Roosting
October Dawn
View of a Pig
Ben Jonson
see The poetry of Ben Jonson (metanode)
James Joyce
Chamber Music (cycle)
John Keats
Addressed to Haydon
Bright Star, Would I were Steadfast as Thou Art
Faery Song
Happy is England! I could be content
How many bards gild the lapses of time!
If by Dull Rhymes our English must be Chain'd
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Lines on the Mermaid Tavern
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Ode on Melancholy
Ode to a Nightingale
Ode to Psyche
On First Looking into Chapman's Homer
On leaving some Friends at an early Hour
On the Grasshopper and Cricket
O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell
Robin Hood
To * * * * * *
To a Friend who sent me some Roses
To G. A. W.
To My Brothers
To One who has been Long in City Pent
To Homer
To Kosciusko
To Sleep
When I have Fears that I may Cease to Be
Written on the day that Mr. Leigh Hunt left Prison
Rudyard Kipling
The 'Eathen
For To Admire
Follow Me 'Ome
The Jacket
Mary, Pity Women!
The Mother-Lodge
The Sergeants' Weddin'
The Shut-Eye Sentry
The White Man's Burden
Philip Larkin
Annus Mirabilis
Cut Grass
The Importance of Elsewhere
No Road
Talking in Bed
The Trees
The Whitsun Weddings
They fuck you up, your mum and dad
Andrew Marvell
The Definition of Love
A Dialogue between The Resolved Soul and Created Pleasure
The Dialogue Between the Soul and the Body
The Gallery
The Match
A Nymph Complaining for the Death of her Fawn
On a Drop of Dew
The Picture of Little T.C. in a Prospect of Flowers
Thoughts On A Garden (Hortus)
To His Coy Mistress
William McGonagall
An Autumn Reverie
The Battle of Tel-El-Kebir
The City of Perth
The Demon Drink
The Famous Tay Whale
Loch Ness
The Rattling Boy from Dublin
Saving a Train
A Tale of the Sea
Spike Milligan
The Ning Nang Nong Song
John Milton
On His Having Arrived at the Age of Twenty-Three
Thomas Moore
William Morris
In Praise of My Lady
Wilfred Owen
Anthem for Doomed Youth
Arms and the Boy
The Chances
Dulce et Decorum Est
Has Your Soul Sipped?
I saw his round mouth's crimson
The Kind Ghosts
The Last Laugh
Le Christianisme
The Letter
The Parable of the Old Man and the Young
On Seeing a Piece of Our Heavy Artillery Brought into Action
Soldier's Dream
Spring Offensive
Strange Meeting
The Wrestlers
Brian Patten
A Blade of Grass
Sir Walter Raleigh
I Wish I Loved the Human Race
The Nymph's Reply
Wishes of an Elderly Man at a Garden Party
Christina Rossetti
Goblin Market
Sleeping at Last
Siegfried Sassoon
The Effect
Everyone Sang
The Fathers
The General
How to Die
The Rear-Guard
On Seeing a Piece of Our Heavy Artillery Brought into Action
Prelude: The Troops
To Any Dead Officer
Twelve Months After
Sir Walter Scott
It Was an English Ladye Bright
William Shakespeare
Shakespeare: Sonnets (metanode)
Percy Bysshe Shelley
A Dirge
Love's Philosophy
The Man
To The Moon
Sonnet: England in 1819
Christopher Smart
For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey
Stevie Smith
Not Waving but Drowning
Our Bog is Dood
Edmund Spenser
Sonnet 26 (Sweet is the rose, but grows upon a briar)
Sonnet 67 (Like as a huntsman after weary chase)
Sonnet 75 (One day I wrote her name upon the strand)
Sonnet 79 (Men call you fair, and you do credit it)
Robert Louis Stevenson
The Moon
Sing Me A Song
Bed In Summer
Algernon Charles Swinburne
The Hounds of Spring
Book of Taliesin (collection)
Hanes Taliesin
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Charge of the Light Brigade
The Dawn
In Memoriam
The Kraken
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Tears, Idle Tears
The Lady of Shalott
Dylan Thomas
And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Clown in the Moon
Do not go gentle into that good night
Especially when the October wind
The force that through the green fuse drives the flower
In my craft or sullen art
A Process In The Weather Of The Heart
Where Once the Waters of Your Face
J.R.R. Tolkien
Dwarven Song of Wind
The Man in the Moon stayed up too late
Song About Old Troll
Tom Bombadil's Songs
John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester
By All Love's Soft, Yet Mighty Powers
William Wordsworth
See The Poems of William Wordsworth
Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder
My Galley Chargèd with Forgetfulness
They Flee From Me
Whoso List to Hunt
William Butler Yeats
Words for Music Perhaps (collection)
A Woman Young and Old (cycle)
The Wild Swans at Coole (anthology)
A Dream of Death
A Drinking Song
Easter 1916
The Folly of Being Comforted
An Irish Airman foresees his Death
The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Leda and the Swan
the lover wishes for the cloths of heaven
No Second Troy
Sailing to Byzantium
The Second Coming
September 1913
The Song of Wandering Aengus
The Stolen Child
Those Images
To a Poet, who would have me Praise certain Bad Poets, Imitators of His and Mine
To be Carved on a Stone at Thoor Ballylee
When You Are Old
The Wild Swans at Coole

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