September 11, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, thy command is clear. We, thy servants, shall do our utmost not to suck. For yours is the power and the glory, more or less, ahem?

Many many messages. I am afraid to look at nuke requests because skorn's catalogue of past sins to be purged might still be there. I will gather strength and look. Soon.

Ack. I looked. It's there. But first:

  • Who wants a random present from Juliet? by rp. By request.
  • By Zari. By request. I'll delete these from her requests and then editors can gnaw the bones of other users she points to.
    • Who wants a random present from Juliet?
    • masturbating with a cheesegrater
    • Do you like pickles?
  • . "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" by Cara*. By request.
I have done dragoon's requested title edits, deleted nodeshells left by the editorial kills.

Thanks to yam.

Into the Crypt slide:

After a pleasant day of reinstalling Windows 98, browser, email program, Sonique, and watching hundreds of registry entries break down and become cobbled together into a semblance of order, I was back. I was just noting how Jaypea had had to take care of the elimination of skorn's youthful indiscretions when my connection went down.

So, later yet, I scrabble back with bleary eyes and shaking hands.

Nodes Killed

There's a little buddha in your heart by sexndeath. Cute title, crappy node ("It's true..."). Justify your existence and the existence of your nodes.
epsilon and pentium 75 by micahjd. Details the name of his file server and its cpu. Do not do this. While I dislike such nodes, the fact that he broke them up into two nodes made it worse - one node detailing his network setup and relevant information would have sufficed. Of course, the home node is still the only true place for such information. The fact that he failed to respond to my /msgs just clinched it.
graphic masturbation by qbert. A request for p0rn in video games. Wee.
John Cleese by Valarin. "Patron saint of comedians" - How informative, thank you good bye.
disintegration by rivet. Old E1 writeup.
High Fidelity by wisefool. Tells us the first sentence of the book while not knowing what is truly is and making parts up. Thank you.
VMS-sucks-like-a-dead-cat by mooset. Noder does not understand similes and insists on inflicting it upon us. Bye.
trunk by tha. Incredibly stupid definition.
raves by frosty. Plural Muyo (No Need For Plurals). Especially when rave has a decent writeup as is.
insecurity that others resent bs creating so many nodes by bs and mooset. NFN about noding inspirations and a poor response. Bye.
clever by tha and nobody. More poor E1 defs.
vommit by tha and nwman. A mispelled stupid E1 def. Yay.
drowning in a pool by tha. Another poor definition. by tha. The creator of the website wrote in as well, so his wasn't really needed.
elephant graveyard by tha. Seeing a theme of poor E1 writeups by this guy yet?
heroine by tha and espertus. Ditto.
RLN by nwman. More stupidity.
scud by fiji. Surpassed by other writeups.

Users to be Deleted

fiji. No nodes, no E2 experience, no future.

Titles to be Edited

Ectasy Club - me bad, please fix the spelling to Ecstasy Club.
jell-o shots - can we make it singular?
scud - Can we capitalize it? Not covered under sensei's note.

Nodeshells to be Deleted

Note from dannye: I've deleted these nodeshells, as well as the ones Lord_Brawl (henceforth known as LB.. No, wait, henceforth known as Pound) mentioned in his w/u below. Pound, I just deleted the text of your request. Hope you don't pound me for that.

a fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the fi - Done, but the rest are still in existance.
insecurity that others resent bs creating so many nodes

Killed How to explain conservatism to your squishy liberal friends, which was a cut-and-paste job from a column by P.J. O'Rourke. Funny conservatives are too rare to endanger the species by depriving them of income. Well, intentionally funny conservatives are, anyhow...

Killed UH-60 Black Hawk by nero after a series of fruitless attempts by e-mail to get the scoundrel to give credit to just like everyone else does, and to reformat the text properly.

Other military-hardware writeups by nero are probably also taken from, so if you confirm any, please go ahead and nuke them. He's been warned and hasn't done anything.

More nero ex-writeups:

Also nipped in the bud: Ldh's abortive attempt at noding the contents of Shel Silverstein's "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book: A Primer for Adults Only". Tried msging the noder, got no response.

And finally: Ouch. I stubbed my toe on John Hughes., which should have been under John Hughes and, more importantly, was taken from without credit.

Ouch. I stubbed my toe on my itchy trigger finger. After talking with Belli, I asked dem bones to reinstate the writeup so that it can be rewritten and credited. I still maintain, as a pain-in-the-ass librarian who cares about subject authority files, that it would be most easily found and most appropriately noded under John Hughes, but I'll let Belli decide whether to request a node title edit.

Killed: ferrouslepidoptera's and davidb's writeups in dodo. The first was a "See also" and the second was moronic and useless.

Killed: screaminglord's writeup in furry swimsuits on girls with large breasts. He really liked his poster of Laetitia Casta. I just glared at it yesterday, but today, it had -5 points, so I figgered it deserved it. It is now a nodeshell.

Killed: bs' writeups in uncle Ron Stewart, uncle Ron Benson, and Wally Stewart. One-line NFN identifying his uncles and his father. All are now nodeshells. I think I'll end up raiding bs for some more kill-fodder later tonight...

Also requested that dannye kill Harry's writeup in Ozymandias. It was just two lines of Shelley's poem, and P_I had the full text right below. I would've done it myself, but I didn't feel like Harry should lose XP for getting outdone by a later noder. And dannye made the kill for me. /me gives dannye some nachos.

Killed: bs' writeups in Aaron Stewart and Pam Stewart, his NFN tributes to his brother and his mother, respectively. Both are now nodeshells. (Hmm. I just killed bs' entire family. Time for popsicles.)

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