Nodes Killed

There's a little buddha in your heart by sexndeath. Cute title, crappy node ("It's true..."). Justify your existence and the existence of your nodes.
epsilon and pentium 75 by micahjd. Details the name of his file server and its cpu. Do not do this. While I dislike such nodes, the fact that he broke them up into two nodes made it worse - one node detailing his network setup and relevant information would have sufficed. Of course, the home node is still the only true place for such information. The fact that he failed to respond to my /msgs just clinched it.
graphic masturbation by qbert. A request for p0rn in video games. Wee.
John Cleese by Valarin. "Patron saint of comedians" - How informative, thank you good bye.
disintegration by rivet. Old E1 writeup.
High Fidelity by wisefool. Tells us the first sentence of the book while not knowing what is truly is and making parts up. Thank you.
VMS-sucks-like-a-dead-cat by mooset. Noder does not understand similes and insists on inflicting it upon us. Bye.
trunk by tha. Incredibly stupid definition.
raves by frosty. Plural Muyo (No Need For Plurals). Especially when rave has a decent writeup as is.
insecurity that others resent bs creating so many nodes by bs and mooset. NFN about noding inspirations and a poor response. Bye.
clever by tha and nobody. More poor E1 defs.
vommit by tha and nwman. A mispelled stupid E1 def. Yay.
drowning in a pool by tha. Another poor definition. by tha. The creator of the website wrote in as well, so his wasn't really needed.
elephant graveyard by tha. Seeing a theme of poor E1 writeups by this guy yet?
heroine by tha and espertus. Ditto.
RLN by nwman. More stupidity.
scud by fiji. Surpassed by other writeups.

Users to be Deleted

fiji. No nodes, no E2 experience, no future.

Titles to be Edited

Ectasy Club - me bad, please fix the spelling to Ecstasy Club.
jell-o shots - can we make it singular?
scud - Can we capitalize it? Not covered under sensei's note.

Nodeshells to be Deleted

Note from dannye: I've deleted these nodeshells, as well as the ones Lord_Brawl (henceforth known as LB.. No, wait, henceforth known as Pound) mentioned in his w/u below. Pound, I just deleted the text of your request. Hope you don't pound me for that.

a fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the fi - Done, but the rest are still in existance.
insecurity that others resent bs creating so many nodes