Killed: ferrouslepidoptera's and davidb's writeups in dodo. The first was a "See also" and the second was moronic and useless.

Killed: screaminglord's writeup in furry swimsuits on girls with large breasts. He really liked his poster of Laetitia Casta. I just glared at it yesterday, but today, it had -5 points, so I figgered it deserved it. It is now a nodeshell.

Killed: bs' writeups in uncle Ron Stewart, uncle Ron Benson, and Wally Stewart. One-line NFN identifying his uncles and his father. All are now nodeshells. I think I'll end up raiding bs for some more kill-fodder later tonight...

Also requested that dannye kill Harry's writeup in Ozymandias. It was just two lines of Shelley's poem, and P_I had the full text right below. I would've done it myself, but I didn't feel like Harry should lose XP for getting outdone by a later noder. And dannye made the kill for me. /me gives dannye some nachos.

Killed: bs' writeups in Aaron Stewart and Pam Stewart, his NFN tributes to his brother and his mother, respectively. Both are now nodeshells. (Hmm. I just killed bs' entire family. Time for popsicles.)