Killed How to explain conservatism to your squishy liberal friends, which was a cut-and-paste job from a column by P.J. O'Rourke. Funny conservatives are too rare to endanger the species by depriving them of income. Well, intentionally funny conservatives are, anyhow...

Killed UH-60 Black Hawk by nero after a series of fruitless attempts by e-mail to get the scoundrel to give credit to just like everyone else does, and to reformat the text properly.

Other military-hardware writeups by nero are probably also taken from, so if you confirm any, please go ahead and nuke them. He's been warned and hasn't done anything.

More nero ex-writeups:

Also nipped in the bud: Ldh's abortive attempt at noding the contents of Shel Silverstein's "Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book: A Primer for Adults Only". Tried msging the noder, got no response.

And finally: Ouch. I stubbed my toe on John Hughes., which should have been under John Hughes and, more importantly, was taken from without credit.

Ouch. I stubbed my toe on my itchy trigger finger. After talking with Belli, I asked dem bones to reinstate the writeup so that it can be rewritten and credited. I still maintain, as a pain-in-the-ass librarian who cares about subject authority files, that it would be most easily found and most appropriately noded under John Hughes, but I'll let Belli decide whether to request a node title edit.