A hero published by Marvel Comics. Starfox first appeared in Iron Man #55.

Millions of years ago, the star-spanning Celestials visited the Earth, experimenting on the primary lifeform, humans. The result of the experiment were two divergent branches of humanity, the Deviants with their widely varying genetic structure and the Eternals with their longevity and special powers.The Eternals had a split and a group of them, lead by A'Lars traveled into space, eventually settling on Titan, one of the moons of Jupiter.

The Eternals set up an advanced society on Titan. A'lars, who became known as Mentor, married Sui-San, one of the other Eternals. The two eventually had two sons. The older was called Thanos, a variation on the word death. Thanos eventually sought to be the consort of the embodiment of Death and wrought destruction across the galaxy in a number of different bids to destroy or rule the universe. Thanos also was responsible for the death of his mother, making an enemy of his father and his younger brother.

The younger brother was named Eros. With good looks, charm, and the ability to mentally stimulate the pleasure centers in other beings, Eros was known to be quite the womanizer. When his brother killed his mother and sought to destroy the universe, Eros opposed his brother with the help of the Kree warrior, Mar-Vell.

Later, Eros came to Earth and applied for membership in the Avengers, a group of super-powered heroes. Eros was accepted as a candidate and after completing a period of training, was admitted into their ranks. He was given the code name Starfox by fellow member She-Hulk, because he was from the stars and he was easy on the eyes.

Starfox fought beside the Avengers for many years, using his awesome strength and ability to fly to help them battle evil in all its forms. He eventually broke off from being an active member after the Avengers encountered a villain named Nebula, who claimed to be the daughter of Thanos. When Nebula fled, Starfox pursued her, seeking to find out if this claim was true.

Starfox has since helped the Avengers on a number of occasions when their adventures have taken them beyond the confines of Earth, to more cosmic threats.