Arwing is a vehicle found in the StarFox series of video games from Nintendo. You can see it in StarWing on the SNES, and more recently StarFox 64 (a.k.a. Lylat Wars) on the N64.

Much of the fun in the StarFox games comes from the manuverabilty of the Arwing. You can make it perform summersaults, and immelman manuvers. It’s got boosters, air-breaks and cool weaponry.

The Arwing’s standard ordinance includes a single nose mounted green laser that can fire short destructive bursts, or can be charged up for a more harmful homing blast. This can be upgraded by collecting laser pods to a dual green wing mounted laser. If you collect another laser pod you get the deadly double-blue lasers.

In addition, the Arwing can carry as many as 10 smart bombs. These are homing weapons that can be detonated on impact or at the pilots request. Bombs are devastating but scarse.

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