A Marvel Comics superheroine.

She-Hulk (alter ego: Jennifer Walters) is the cousin of Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk, though they were not very close (probably due to Banner's working on top secret projects that exposed him to nasty things that turned him into a big, but not so jolly green giant).

Jennifer graduated from UCLA law school and became a private criminal defense attorney. During a rare visit from cousin Bruce, she became injured and Bruce had to give her a transfusion of his own blood. This conferred on Jennifer the ability to turn into a jolly green giant herself. However, unlike Bruce, she could change into her She-Hulk form at will, and didn't lose her capacity to reason. This made her considerably more suited for membership in a superhero group, and she joined The Fantastic Four when Ben Grimm decided not to return to Earth after The Secret Wars.

Jennifer soon suffered an accident that froze her in her She-Hulk form permanently. She remained with the group for some time after Grimm returned to Earth, but she eventually left to try and keep her legal practice viable. She currently has a sort of standby status with both the FF and The Avengers.

All characters contained herein were created by Marvel Comics.

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