Expectant parents spend a good deal of time prior to the birth of their child choosing the right name for the new arrival. The parents choose the name with a number of criteria: does the name have family meaning, does it flow pleasantly from the tongue, does the name have a positive connotation. All of these things are factors for the parents to be. But those who live on worlds where people fly unaided through the skies, where evil geniuses often try to end all life on earth, where spandex is a highly sought commodity must take special care in choosing their children's name.

Consider the case of the Blaze family. We presume this family realized the dangers inherent to their child by having the last name "Blaze," but they let their selfish desires rule them and did not change their name to something like Brown or Smith. Instead they let their child grow up to be known as Johnny Blaze. They should have known that by saddling the poor child with this name that he would one day sell his soul in an unholy bargin with a demon and be cursed with having to share his existence with a demon who thirsted for vengence, becoming known as the Ghost Rider.

Or take the case of T.O. Morrow, a second-rate mad scientist, whose parents strapped him with the initials T.O. and a last name Morrow. Didn't they realize they were sending him down the path to perdition? What else is a young man in college to choose for a career but world domination if your name spells out a future time period?

And lest we forget the parents of one Doiby Dickles. These two should have been brought up on charges for naming their child Doiby. It is obvious from the first time everyone laid eyes on the boy, that he had no other choice in life than that of comic sidekick and all of the inherent dangers that go with it. Even worse, because of the strong Brooklyn accent of Doiby, he was cursed with an unstylish choice of headgear for all his days.

So, remember should you find your city is often besieged by those with powers and abilities far beyond mortal man, pick carefully the names of your offspring, for in that name, you may well choose their course in life.

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