An old hare and friend of Fox McCloud in the video games Starfox, StarFox 64, and even the new Gamecube release, StarFox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. He is 41 years old during the time period of StarFox 64. As the senior member of the new Star Fox team, his wisdom is vast and helpful in Fox's quest to defeat Andross.

Originally, Peppy was part of the first Star Fox team, which included James McCloud, Fox's father, as well as Pigma Dengar. He was James' oldest and best friend. This brave team of expert pilots was sent to investigate the activities on Venom, homeworld of the exiled Andross. In a devastating turn of events, Pigma betrays the team and James and Peppy are captured. Peppy barely survives and returns to Corneria to tell the young Fox about his father's fate. Fox is now 17 years old, and Peppy joins the new Star Fox team, partially to watch over Fox, partially in revenge of James' death, and of course, to save the Lylat system from the evil clutches of Andross. But Andross's armies are slowly capturing every planet in the Lylat system. Finally, General Pepper of the Cornerian Army calls on the Star Fox team to help defend Corneria, the last planet not under Andross' control. This is where you enter in StarFox 64.

Peppy will also make some appearences in the new Gamecube release, StarFox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. Much like his character in the prior games, Peppy will help Fox by giving crucial advice and important information about the alien planet he is exploring, as well as the enemies, bosses, etc.

I personally think that Peppy is the best character in this game. Yes, it is true that he gets into lots of trouble and is constantly attacked by the enemies, but his hints are the most helpful out of all the hints given from your three teammates. His voice is passionate yet comforting, and he is like a second father to Fox. His words stick with me to this day. I have chosen his best quote as my senior quote:

"Never give up! Trust your instincts!"

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