"You were always so far away, I know that pain.." Alice In Chains
My head is reeling with the words flashed in the third email from her today. I wrote back a brief reply, but shock kept me from expanding..spent the next hour downloading 200 megs of The Cure songs to satisfy my loneliness.

What can I say baby, you know the wheel you walk upon.

I can only listen to my sad songs and wonder.

I chose my wheel that I walk upon, cast aside my tribe, and did so knowing I'd never be able to return to my old life.
Remember the book you lent me?

You will always dance in my heart, Digo.

"paying debt to karma, you party for a living, what you take won't kill you, but careful what you're given" Depeche Mode

7:20 AM Morning finds me bleary eyed and empty. Had to share the fact that my roommate had his mattress delivered at 1:20am this morning. I had no idea they even would deliver at that unholy hour, but welcome to New York. Who am I to complain, he had to be a work at 6 AM. (evil smirk) The wonders of civilization. His thai girlfriend Yusa is coming this weekend, bringing presents for the house from Bangkock. I requested a load of silk shirts. She's trying to get Randy to come visit her homeland sometime soon. Her brother is the Thai equivilant to yakuza there,(if anyone knows the name for that, tell me, do something productive rather that just downvoting me, you bastards); so he's kind of nervous about going, but we've come to the conclusion that she's picked him as her ticket to citizenship here. One hour in her company, and I think anyone would jump at the chance..Randy actually called the local college in order to get her papers to get a student visa, to at least get her over here. I hope it works out, this girl is amazing.

Speaking of downvoters, I was considering this as I was listening to the sounds of deliverymen unwrapping the bed at 1:20am. My opinion on down voting is as such: Remember in Terry Pratchets "Good Omens", where Crawely gloats about the ripples of evil derived from one telemarketers call? Think- you downvote a user, with no explanation, she/he cuts someone off on the way to work. That person, who was cut off, goes to a gas station and is rude to the filling boy. Who, in turn, takes out his anger on the next person to get gas by promptly short filling the next person to fill up. Two hours later, that person runs out of gas in a violent neighborhood, and they get shot for their wallet. So yes, down voting can lead to death. Think about it. (that's why I avoid such voting practices; my karma keeps me up at night)