Title: Pipo Saru 2001
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated
Year: 2001
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Description: Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the pants off of monkeys wearing strobe light helmets! Laugh at the yellow pants tied to a rope and floating behind your character! Laugh harder as the silly monkeys jump up and down or try to disguise themselves as cacti! Almost die laughing when you finish a level and your character shouts "PANTS OFF!" before triumphantly throwing the pants in a giant washing machine! This game is a sequel to Sarugetchu (known outside of Japan as Ape Escape). The levels in this game are smaller than those of the original and are more puzzle-oriented but unlike any other game in the history of man this one revolves entirely around sucking the pants off of monkeys. You can knock out or distract the monkeys with bombs and giant bannanas, but ultimately you're going to need to use your vacuum to suck those pants until all the monkeys on the screen are angry, naked and chasing after you to get their pants back. When you get ten pairs they are bundled together in a neat little cube but beware: The monkeys are clever, fast and will stop at nothing to regain their captured clothing! The levels are filled with obstacles, traps, drop-offs and carefully positioned monkeys.
My Opinion: I couldn't stop laughing! I can't imagine it, but anybody who can't laugh at this game needs to remove the stick from their ass because Pipo Saru 2001 is one of the funniest games I've ever seen.
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