C-Dawg's Week in Review


I called Nolan's girlfriend to ask her about how a plant that I once had sent to their house by Harry & David had arrived (i.e., in full bloom, an apparent pot of dirt, or something in between). I told her that I was considering sending something like that to my dentist's office, but didn't want to do so if it would be days or weeks before they could display it in the office. (Since they're on the sixteenth floor, they could hardly just set it outside the door until it was ready.) She remembered that I had to some degree attempted to socialize with a woman who worked there, which pleased me. She said it arrived in a suitable condition, and urged me to do it. She was quite adamant, actually.


I showed up bright and early at the dentist's office in Oxnard. I wimped out of sending the flowers.
(I have this odd problem: when I send someone a gift like
that, it can be hard for me to have them put a greeting on
the label, because it seems too much like requiring a
response of some kind, which I don't. Sometimes there are
other reasons, though. On the phone, Nolan's girlfriend
mentioned to me that it was odd that I hadn't put a message on
it -- the company had put just my name there, which I didn't
know they were going to do -- for which I apologized, but
said that leaving it blank was probably better than saying
what I reaaly would have liked to. She agreed.)

Instead, before going in, I waffled on the question of whether to bring in some Girl Scout cookies that I'd brought for that purpose; I finally decided to do so, and when I entered the office, nobody was in the reception area so I just left them on the desk.

After waiting a while in the dental chair, Dr. Razi, possibly the best dentist in the whole world, sneaked up behind me, gave me a short shoulder massage, and told me it's always a pleasure seeing me at the office (where I've been four times this year, but this was the last routine maintenance of my NightGuard; I won't be back until July for a cleaning).

Unfortunately, Seanette was not in the office; she wasn't there the last time I went, either. :(


After spending the whole day not asking him, I called Nolan in the evening to ask if I could take him to lunch the next day (Friday being his twenty-fifth birthday). His girlfriend answered the phone, and I confessed to the cookies-for-flowers swap, then she put on Nolan and he assented to the lunch plan.


Went to lunch with Nolan and had a great time. We went to a new sushi place two blocks off of State Street. (In Santa Barbara, if you're not on State Street, you're in the boonies.) A good deal, too: six pieces of nigiri, eight pieces of tuna roll, and soup for $10.

In the evening, while entering the supermarket, I came up behind a young lady in a long burgundy crushed velvet dress, with a black jacket, and softly said to her that it was a very nice outfit. She looked around, with a look of who the heck is that? on her face, then smiled and thanked me, while I noticed that she was very pretty also. That wasn't so hard!


Today, I have to put down in writing all the things I've been composing in my head the last few days. My dad sent an email to his three sons, lamenting the fact that our family unit is not as tight as it could be, and asking for his birthday that we all communicate with each other. My oldest brother (who I haven't seen in years, and hear from very infrequently) started off, and was quickly followed up by the middle one. That leaves it to me....


I got quite a bit done with the letter to my family, still have a lot to go. But today, I went geocaching for the first time. A guy at work started doing it a while ago with his wife (a natural offshoot of the monthly radiotransmitter hunt they engage in). I mentioned it to Edward, and he asked if he could go, too. Of course he was welcome (and when he joined us there, I (not for the first time) had my breath taken away by how beautiful he is). The cache was in the Douglas Family Preserve; unfortunately, we found it in about fifteen minutes after entering. I left a Mozart CD. Edward took a black bandana which he wore amazingly well with his camouflage pants and white t-shirt. :) I am assured that the next one will be harder....

Things I've learned lately

Here are some gustatory facts from a bachelor who doesn't cook:
  • There is a lot more lettuce in a head of Romaine than in a head of red leaf.
  • Belgian endive, while a change of pace, is crispy but has virtually no taste. One of the higher cost-to-benefit ratios that you can find in the produce section.
  • The Braeburn apple is a delicious addition to your apple repertoire. If you like Granny Smith, you'll probably like Braeburn even more; it's just as crispy and sweet, without Granny's slight acidity.

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