Word describing coloured patterns designed to hide an object by disrupting the human eye's ability to see the shape it is expecting as it 'breaks up' the usual shape of the object being hidden., usually worn by Army or other Defence Force personnel.

Many variants exist, each designed for the different terrains to hide in.

The word comes from a French word meaning 'Puff of Smoke'.

Following the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York on September 11, 2001, soldiers in camouflage began showing up at airports in droves. The camouflage outfits they are using are not effective in hiding them in airports. They are also often seen wearing international orange vests over their camouflage outfits to make themselves, apparently, more visible.

Recommend design of new camouflage patterns containing vague pictures of drinking fountains, newspaper racks, and arrival/departure monitors so soldiers may more effectively blend in at airports. Also recommend not wearing international orange vests as they defeat the idea of camouflage.

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