The Carlosian Dream Project

Part 11

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Note: The author places this segment between the events of Part 9 and Part 10.


The Baron of Darkness emerges from the shadows into the Land of Grey. The Dark Knight stands out in his Black Trench Coat, and Dark Presence.

Once again in the land of compromisers, The Intercessor of the Shadows stands to survey the dismal, fog filled realm. It is a place that sickens the stoic gaze of the Dark Warrior.

The lone figure opens his black trench coat to reveal his hand crafted ebony scabbard and the silver handled Katana Blade.

A gray shadow moves in the distance, alerting the sneaky bastard senses, of Carlos, but he remains, still, waiting for the cowardly figure to show himself.

BaronCarlos knows who is evading him. More so, BaronCarlos is stalking the deviant that has stolen his face, his identity, his image, and polluted it with Grey.

The Gray, trench coat clad figure emerges without a sword. The compromiser is without defense, and once the coward has his chance, the grey form flees to the fog and mist.

Like a predator in the hunt, BaronCarlos chases the warrior in flight, his dark form cutting through the fog like a flashlight in the darkness. Carlos easily closes in, like a jungle cat, in the labyrinth of grey columns and barriers. Soon the grey man is trapped in a corner, clawing for freedom.

He quickly gains footing and flees down another path, only to impale himself upon the deadly blade of the Baron of Darkness.

The two men exchange glances as death approaches the Grey Carlos. The Baron of Darkness removes the blade from the Baron of Grey, and lifts the Katana for a death blow.

In defiance, the Grey Bastard looks up in malice as the sword rushes down upon his head.

The Grey Figure is smashed upon impact.

One Carlos, the Dark Baron Carlos remains.

The Victor stands over the rubble, and his black gloved hand picks up what is left of the Grey Fedora hat.

In a silent exit the Baron of Darkness returns to his home in the shadows.