I dreamt that I was in Circuit City and was flirting with an attractive female employee. After a really odd conversation with her about how much the original Nintendo costs, I noticed that a lot of people we rushing into the store and they looked super excited about something. I asked the girl what was going on and she said that U2 was going to play an in-store concert. Also, she said that the Beatles were going to be the opening band, but no one really cared about the Beatles for some reason.

So we went into the back of the store where the bands were supposed to play. Sometime the store changed into The Wiz and then after a while it changed into a stadium. So then the Beatles came on, but it wasn't really the Beatles at all, it was the Beach Boys. I kept asking people why they were calling the Beach Boys the Beatles but no one else ever heard of the Beach Boys. Anyway, they sucked pretty bad and people started throwing tomatos. The Beach Boys were getting pelted hard. Then some muscular guy stood up and threw a big fat TV at the Beach Boys. It hit one of them in the head and it looked like he might be dead. There was blood everywhere and he was not moving any more. I think that was the end of their set.

Then U2 came out, but they were not really U2 either. They sounded exactly like U2 and played all the hit U2 songs, but they looked totally weird! The guy they called "Bono" was really a giant lobster or maybe a man in a lobster suit. The Edge was a black midget who was really fast. The drummer looked like it might have been a horse! And the bass guitar was played by one of the Idea Boxes from my last dream! He even still had a sword! But they played a good set. They changed into the real U2 a few times but kept changing back and it was hard to keep track of what was going on.

Then I remembered that I went to Circuit City to buy a TV and my mom was gonna get real angry if I didn't go home soon! I said goodbye to all my friends at the stadium, but when I tried to leave, Al Gore wouldn't let me! Al Gore was the security guy! Eventually he let me leave and I went to The Wiz and bought a TV for three dollars. I remember that in my dream three dollars was really expensive. The dream went on for some time after that but it was boring so I don't remember it good. Eventually I had some sex with that Circuit City girl though.

Suffered my first e2 based dream last night and it really gave me the creeps!

I don't know what the dream tells me about myself but it can't be anything good.

What happened was that I got home to notice that my XP had risen to 20,000 on the basis that a particular node of mine had been independently awarded some sort of special editors prize by 3 editors which somehow escalated my XP exponentially and changed my username to 'circuslioncubking'.

I then heard a knock on my door and was invited to meet with the editors at their hi-tech underground lair but not before the bearded gentleman who came to collect me informed me that in every noders home there had been placed a security camera with which your every move could be monitored (the effect of the UK's fixation with the 'Big Brother' TV series evidently playing its part).

This alarmed me to a degree, especially as I then discovered that our esteemed editors, as an offshoot of their e2 footage, were distributing videos of us noders who were lucky enough to have sex.

At first I refused to join the gang but unfortunately the power went to my head and I joined the 'gang' who were all wearing white coats and conducting experiments with soldering irons, speaking to noders through a voice distortion unit and bestowing their wisdom upon us mere mortals.

I was introduced to Nate, who was a very couteous chap with an underlying sinister disposition of which I later became aware as he liked to use his secret cameras to watch girls undress (sorry, it was only a dream).

It was then that I began to panick, realising that the node which had propelled me to such a level had been, to an extent, ripped off from a book I had read years before and I had failed to acknowledge my source. It was only a matter of time before this crime was going to be discovered and I feared that I would become part of the soldering iron experiment.

At this point I awoke in a cold sweat swearing never to node again.

Clearly I did not take the hint!

I was sitting at work noding (given that's what I do all day, every day, I didn't show much imagination in my R.E.M state, did I?), when a colleague asked me to do two important bits of research for her, and send each on a separate email.

Now, I don't particularly get on with or like most of the people I work with, but the colleague in the dream is the one person I have always been loyal to, and vice versa.

I sat at my desk and, feeling more and more guilty about my inability to prioritise work of any kind over noding, blatantly allowed the time to slip by without compiling the information.

My colleague asked if I had done the work yet, and I explained that I had quite a lot on, but would do it next. I continued to node.

Becoming visibly vexed with me (which has never happened in real life), she hassled me again, and I committed a cardinal sin - I said I had almost finished the first piece of research, when of course I hadn't even started.

I reluctantly stopped noding for a few minutes, cut-and-pasted (feeling suitably guilty, for, as we know cut-and-paste is the work of the devil to all noders) the info she needed from another document, and flusteredly sent it.

Even though I had only done half the work, I felt an overwhelming sense of justification for further noding. I did not finish the work by the end of the day.

My colleague could see that I was very shoddy, which would be forgivable, but it was the fact that I had let her down that made her angry, and me mortified.

In the dream I felt disappointed in myself and decided that however much I enjoyed noding, it wasn't worth the guilt I felt at neglecting my work.

When I woke up this morning, I decided that I needed to stop devoting myself to E2 and instead devote myself to my profession, and so I have decided to stop noding.


I dreamt that there was something strange with my two cats. Of course, there is always something strange with cats, but it was, this time, unusual. I was with them in my house, with maybe a part of my family, at least my mother.

I went to the bigger cat (who is the mother of the other one) and kissed her. She had a strange odour. She did not smell bad, no... She just had an unusual odour. She smelled of drugs. Of hospitals. Of doctors.

I decided to bring her to the veterinarian... Or maybe only thought about doing that. Or only thought about considering doing that. At this time the vet told me that my two cats were going to die, in one hour. I had not gone to the vet yet, so maybe he finally came, or was just speaking to me from the place where he was, or maybe I only remembered him saying that, when I had gone to him with my cats before this event, which would explain their odour, now that I thought about it.

So they were going to die because they had been euthanazied, but still had one hour to live* before actually dying, which was the reason I has brought them back to home. Or maybe the vet sent them back.

At this time I was pretty confused because of all those flashbacks, and maybe a bit sad, too. I think my mother was crying but I could not really hear or see her because of all those odours I was smelling and also because of all those thoughts of death.

* I guess my cats beat Bruce Willis. Well, in my dreams.
I try to stay awake, waiting for her to page me. Eventually, I give in and get in bed. "I won't fall asleep, I'll just sit here till she pages me" I say to myself. Slowly but surely, I drift downwards into the world of sleep.

I am lying in my bed, when she walks through the door. She stands at the side of my bed. I smile at her, she smiles back. She leans over and gives me a huge hug. Of course, as always, I melt in her hands. She knows that I would give anything to get a hug from her. She climbs into bed with me and sa...BZZZT!

I wake up and grab my pager. I push the button so it won't vibrate off my nightside table. I turn on the light, and read the number. It's her. Once again, I drift into sleep. Time passes. I wake up quickly and my eyes are wide open. Looking down, I see my pager vibrating in my hand. I repeat the procedure, light, check the number. Her again. I muster the energy to get out of bed and get the phone. We talk for a while. She might be coming over today.

Although I didn't want my dream about her interrupted, I got to talk to her, so I was very happy. :)
On an unrelated note, yesterday I bought her a $380 diamond necklace. I love that girl. Imagine that.

I lose my keys, as usual. But this time I find that a bird has taken them up a tree to a nest. I climb the tree but I never seem to make it to the nest. I go back down the tree and grab the trunk. Using power that must only exist in dreams, I push the tree over, go up to the nest, and find my keys. There was no sign of the bird who took them.

Me and "OLDER FRIEND" arrive at a large castle in the dark of night. The interior is well-lit, and the entryway looks suspiciously like the lobby of my dorm. ADOLF HITLER is behind the counter; apparently this place belongs to him, but this doesn't bother me for some reason.

My friend walks over and grabs a hook or a handle something like what you hold on to on a subway. I grab one too, and they start motion on their own along a track in the ceiling. We rush down hospital-quality hallways at high speeds; me struggling to hold on and dodge walls and obstacles, my friend calmly explaining to me how this trackway was built for Hitler's dwarfs, who all have special hooks in them or whatever so they can ride easily. After a few violent corner turnings, we arrive back in the lobby. Older friend takes me into where the head dean's office would be and tells me he's leaving. I ask him not to--please! He assures me everything'll be all right.

I head to what I suppose is the dining hall; at least, this room I'm in just outside it looks just like the one at our cafeteria. The janitor's closet has been replaced by a bathroom and an elevator. I try the elevator, as I'm not hungry. I don't remember where it goes, but here's where I first meet "SINISTER MAN" and "SINISTER WOMAN" (paired like that, they remind me of Scully and Mulder, only not so fun).

Back in the lobby. Hitler asks if I'm ready to join his club yet. I say probably, and he checks me in for the night. I go to my room (walking down the hall this time) and look out my window. I think, I don't really want to be in here. The window doesn't open, so I go up to the roof somehow--the building is really patterned very much like the dorm, only much brighter on the inside; there's no way up to the roof in waking life--and go across to the middle wing of the building along a rope strung above them. (Our dorm is like a capital letter E--where I was living in the top stroke, and the top two strokes had a sort of block-off between them in the dream.)

Hanging over the middle wing, I notice two ladders. One's a sturdy one, bolted into the wall I just came over. On the other side is an old wooden one, just leaning onto it. I think, wouldn't it be awful if I knocked that ladder over, just like in the sitcoms? I swing over to climb down the ladder, knocking it over, just like in the sitcoms. At this point I can either slide back across the rope, or idiotically keep going; I opt for the latter, and leap for a tree right next to me. At this point I realize I'm a lot bigger and tougher than I usually am, as I climb down the tree which is luckily lacking in the leaf and branches department. I hear someone laughing as I reach the ground... in reaction, I pull the tree out by its roots and swing it around. You messin with me?

I hear a serpent, or some other low monster hissing from nearby. I suddenly have an urge to get back in. I go to a window where I see a couple of guys studying, and open the window (pfft, theirs opens) and start climbing in, but they just look at me funny. I try to explain, but I end up having to leave instead. So I head away from the weird Hitler-dorm-castle, and out into the quasi-unfamiliar areas outside.

I meet Sinister man and Sinister woman in their car, and we drive down to where in waking life the McKee Credit Union should be. Instead, the Temple of Gravity is nearby. I go in... Inside is dark, but lit softly with candles. I notice Sinister man, Sinister woman, Hitler, Older friend, and "GRAVITY PRIEST". I look up to where I'd expect to see a light bulb, but nothing's there. Gravity priest asks me if I see anything there. I suppose he's asking if I'm seeing things in the supernatural. I tell him no, I was just looking for a light. I flip a light switch, and when the light comes on, Hitler and Older friend disappear. I flip it off again quickly, but they do not come back.

Flashback: I see a blue goddess making magical artifacts that embody knowledge and fate. In another room I see them being laid out on display by the blue goddess's male counterpart. The serpent comes along and asks about them as the blue god is placing one which I feel must relate to me--a pale frozen star. The blue god mentions a lot of the names of the artifacts, but I don't remember any of them.

Gravity priest is trying to tell me about illusions in life. I ask him to tell me about Gravity. I think he is being influenced by Sinister man and Sinister woman, because he tells a story very like the one I just flashbacked into, but with many bits left out... I leave.

I arrive again at the castle, and announce to Hitler that no, I would rather not join his club.

Hmm, a conspiracy? I don't remember the order some of these came in. A lot of pieces are missing too--I know more happened in the bathroom-elevator-dininghall area, something to do with clothes... Oh well.

I didn't dream at all last night. It is horryfying. It's like since a month or so, I don't remember a damn dream. Medical Sciences tell me I really do dream but it is hard to believe for me as I can't remember one.

The few times I do remember a dream, it's mostly a nice experience. I hope I'll be in love soon again, so I can remember dreams about that new girlfriend to be again.

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