The DC
(named after its creator, my roommate, who we call "DC Jive" simply because he deserves an awesome name.) Serve it mixed, on ice. You can tell how cheap your vodka is by how much the Bailey's curdles. Gordon's will give you fun little chunks which coat your glass, while Smirnoff will leave it smooth and non-disgusting-looking. This drink tastes like a mudslide with a decisive kick-you-in-the-balls twang to it. 2 of these will do well to put you on the floor.

The V2

(the official drink of The Xtension Chords)

Vess Whistle is cheap orange soda which you can get around here at the UIUC for $1.09 for 3 liters. It has the amazing ability to drown out all vodka taste completely. This allows even the most inexperienced drinker to get hammered off of what tastes exactly like yummy, bubbly, orangy goodness. Even better with orange vodka.