Vess is a bottler of inexpensive soda.

Based out of St. Louis, MO, Vess has sold a wide variety of inexpensive soft drinks for many years. They sell more flavors than most, being one of the few bottlers to sell a Pineapple soda (which is really tasty I might add).

Vess sodas are often considered to be lower quality than the standard Coke and Pepsi products that most people are used to. This is simply not true, Vess's fruit flavors can hold their own against any other brand. Their Cola however, has a little room for improvement, as it does not quite hold up to the colas available from Coke, Pepsi, and Bubba.

Vess sodas tend to be about 30 percent cheaper than "name brand" ones, and are sometimes available in vending machines for a mere 25 cents.

Most soda companies sell three liter bottles, but Vess is just about the only one I can count on finding at any of my local stores (usually for cheaper than the two liter bottles of Coke).

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