Scuba Diver is a game for the Atari 2600. There are two different levels on this cartridge, "Hunting Fish" and "Searching for Treasure". You begin by spearing fish with your harpoon and then progress to the treasure level, only to start the whole thing over again soon afterwards. Be sure and avoid the large peach shark that moves back and forth under the water.

It was originally produced by Panda Software, (Panda Sotware #104), but was later rereleased by Froggo under the name of Sea Hawk. This title has also been released under the name "Skin Diver". It's rarity is ranked 6, (rare+) by with an estimated value of $20 - $30.

The box is blue and has some nice realistic drawings of a scuba diver, a shark, and some treasure. The cartridge itself does not have any adornment at all (only an end label).

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