Panda Software made Atari 2600 games. They entered the Atari 2600 world in 1983 and were quickly forgotten about. Their games were not what you would really call "Classic", and were usually blatant rip-offs of existing titles. Dice Puzzle and Scuba Diver were original titles, but they were not any better than the rest of the trash that they were selling. Some Panda games were later released under the Froggo, Zimag and Sancho Software labels. Panda cartridges came in two basic styles - one had a simple end label and nothing else, the other had a full label and an end label as well. Panda games are very hard to locate these days, especially boxed or in decent condition. The Froggo or Sancho Software versions are quite a bit easier to locate.

Panda Game List
  • Space Canyon ... Panda Game #100

    This is a vertical shooter similar to Galaga.

  • Tank Brigade ... Panda Game #101

    This is a blatant clone of Atari's own Comabt catridge. I can't imagine anyone wanting to own this one.

  • Scuba Diver ... Panda Game #104

    There are two different levels on this cartridge, "Hunting Fish" and "Searching for Treasure". You begin by spearing fish with your harpoon and then progress to the treasure level, only to start the whole thing over again soon afterwards. Be sure and avoid the large peach shark that moves back and forth under the water.

  • Stunt Man ... Panda Game #105

    In Stunt Man you play a hero who was to climb up poles to get to a waiting helicopter, while avoiding the strange flying monsters that are all around you.

  • Dice Puzzle ... Panda Game #106

    Match dice rolls with the computer. Just like playing a slot machine but without any chance of winning anything.

  • Sea Hawk ... Panda Game #108

    Just a generic airplane game. You really aren't missing much here. This is a totally different game than the Froggo "Sea Hawk" game.

  • Exocet ... Panda Game #109

    The basic concept behind the game is that you are piloting a UFO that is cruising over water. You have to blast the various enemies that sit on the surface of the water.

  • Harbor Escape ... Panda Game #110

    You may be familiar with this game. It is the exact same game as River Raid, but with slightly altered graphics. This is probably the only Panda game worth playing.

It is not known if games number 102, 103, and 107 were ever produced. If you have any information about these games please get in touch with someone in the Atari collecting world.

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