CMW Autosports is a custom car shop located in St. Louis, MO. They advertise custom stereos, wheels, suspension kits, and welding. But their real business is hydraulics. You know the liquid controlled custom suspensions that give cars the ability to bounce up and down.

It is very odd living across the street from a Hydraulics shop. You get to see some very wierd things. Like Honda Civics with stock wheels that can jump 2 feet in the air. I never can get used to seeing all those hydraulic stunts just outside my window. What infuriates me is when they have loud bass competitions when I am trying to sleep.

Their are always about a half dozen or so custom cars parked on the front lawn of this place.

Here is what is out there right now.
  • A purple 1964 Impala, (This is the classic lowrider car)
  • A black Geo Tracker with wheels that stick out way past the fenders.
  • A silver Rice Boy style Honda
  • The frame to a Mazda truck, (with a complete chrome suspension).
  • A Black S-10 that is a competition hydraulic hopper.
  • A late 60's Pontiac convertible, (this thing is sweet).

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