The beeraccino is a delicious beverage created by substituting cold beer for hot water when making coffee, with the head of the beer providing a realistic froth look-a-like. This beverage provides an excellent pick-me-up when you feel like a coffee, but don't want to waste valuable drinking time preparing and consuming an alcohol-free beverage.

Here are several variations:

Instant Beeraccino
Pour 2 tablespoons of instant coffee into a mug, and add just enough beer to cover the coffee granules. Stir with a teaspoon untill the coffee is dissolved and the beer is frothy. Then add beer to fill the remainder of the mug, sprinkle with cocoa and serve.

Beer Latte
Dissolve coffee in around 1/3rd of a mug of beer, stir slowly so as not to froth up the beer too much, then fill with milk.

Flat Beer
Prepare an instant beeraccino, then leave in the fridge for around 20 mins to settle. Gently top up with beer, making sure to avoid getting much head at all.

Take a sip from a bottle of beer to make some room, then use a funnel to put 2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules into the bottle. Over a sink, stir the contents of the bottle with a chopstick quickly. The froth will start rising uncontrollably, quickly start drinking the rising volcano of cappuccino style coffee head, without letting any escape. After consuming the head, you can drink the rest of the beeraccino from the bottle one sip at a time.

My personal faves are the volcano and the instant, both of which I would highly reccomend at your next party.

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