An all too familiar quote, usually uttered right before doing something insanely stupid.

In my high school days, our weekend outings consisted of three people: the driver, the navigator, and the chaplain. When approaching an intersection late at night (a back road crossing a fairly common road), the following dialogue ensued:

Driver -- Tim
Navigator -- me (Steve)
Chaplain -- Alex

Alex: Aren't we going to slow down?
Tim: (without slowing down) Steve, are we clear on the right?
Steve: (without looking) Sure.
Tim: Are we clear on the left?
Steve: (actually glancing up, sees a large cornfield) Sure.
Tim: (accelerating) Alex, pray for us.

At this point we enter the intersection. Through some bad planning by the pavers of the road, we managed to get Tim's 1992 Geo Storm airborn, through the entire intersection. A car had, in fact, been approaching, but since we sped up we managed to miss it. Upon arriving at Tim's place of residence, we agreed that in the future, we'd limit our activities to going stealth mode over hills and blowing through red lights.

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