Yesterday, Donald Trump went from being President-Delegate to formally President-Elect Donald Trump by being formally elected by the Electoral College.

Before the election, the left tried very hard to find a way to salvage something from the complete repudiation of their candidate and platform. They tried multiple tactics.

Firstly, they tried running out the clock by demanding recounts in states that Trump won, in the hope of overturning the election. The recount actually ended up more than confirming that Trump did indeed win the states that Hillary never bothered to visit, assuming that they would support her as they always have. She took them for granted, and they turned on her for doing so. The effort was led by Green Party leader Jill Stein and it had mixed results. In some cases a technicality prevented this. In others, she simply did not raise enough money. That neither affected the result nor held back enough electoral votes to stop Trump.

The next attempt was to suggest that "Russian Hackers" influenced the election. The mainstream media, decrying "fake news" had nonetheless framed the idea that Russia revealing the inner communications of the DNC but not the RNC was amount to interfering with the election, arguing that had we not learned about witchcraft in the upper ranks, Clinton casually suggesting killing an American citizen she didn't like and more, we would have voted for her. Those damn emails. 

There were three problems with this line of attack. The first was that presenting an information leak as "interfering" made people doubly annoyed when they clicked on a story believing it to be about Russia actually changing a vote count or otherwise spreading mayhem in the actual electoral system. Only to find out it amounts to "they told people how evil we were! But not them!" In the end the existence of the server and the contents thereof were more of a factor than how they were revealed. Also, it was rather interesting to watch the Democrats first argue that cybersecurity was no big deal at all (when Hillary was being asked why she was routing classified material through insecure channels) but suddenly worthy of overturning an election when they didn't win.

As some European politicians put it, if spreading information and opinion about a foreign election is "interfering", maybe Barack Obama should take a look at his antii-Brexit campaigning in Europe before that vote, and cease, desist, and furthermore please shut up about it being improper to try and influence an election. Also, various Latin American nations scoffed that the US damn well DID interfere directly in their elections for decades and where's THAT outrage.

The final Hail Mary pass in the whole thing had a heartfelt PSA done by some concerned Hollywood celebrities They selected elder statesman Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, who once played the President on TV and therefore thinks he represents one - to appeal directly to the electors where death threats and bribes had failed. To vote against a demagogue and a man whose qualifications for the position don't exist. What they ignored was the real purpose of the Electoral College, which is to prevent a mere popular vote to win the day. When the Electoral College was framed, Virginia was the California of the time and the union was worried about undue influence from a large population in one state. As it stands if you take California's votes out of the equation, especially the three million illegal alien votes found by forensics - her "popular vote" argument disappears.

There were some electors who did become faithless. Almost all of them voted against Hillary.

Personal brands took a beating. Mr. Estevez (I'm using his real name for a reason) was pretty much heckled in the red states as being a shadow agent for the illegal hordes and should take himself and his "faggot junkie son" back to where he came from -  and the Democrat Party keep burning whatever political capital it had. Which is a shame, since that godawful racism, sexism and homophobia need to be counterbalanced with the right kind of gravitas - one which we're losing by every cry-in and procedural wonking being done in a desperate attempt to reverse the course of an election that went horribly, horribly wrong for them.

Also - all the money expended on air time, lawyers and recounts could and should have been stockpiled to try and counterbalance changes in the administration. If Planned Parenthood loses funding, those dollars would be vital to keep it going, for example. Cuts to education? Burned out volunteers could be on the front line.

Barring a gunshot, it's going to be President Trump. We need to put on our big boy pants and deal with it, rather than playing petty politics of personal ambition.

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