I'm sitting here right now debating with myself whether I want to add this dream. Frankly, it's quite disturbing.

Well, disturbing makes for interesting, eh? On with the show!

Warning: This Dream Log contains scenes of graphic violence and gore.

I'm in a bathtub. The house is an older house, brightly lit with yellowish light. It's decorated in early 1900's style. The bathtub is filled with water. I'm not alone in the bathtub. There's a nude girl with me. She's Asian. We are either having, or have had sex. I can't remember.

The tub is at the far end of the bathroom. I look to my right (toward the door), and there are many, many body parts strewn all over the floor. Heads, arms, legs, parts of each, and lots of blood. I'm trying to convince myself that they're all fake, but deep down I know they're real.

Time Shift

I'm now in the foyer of the house. There is a bloody lung on the floor with spatterings of blood around it, as if it were dropped with a "Slap!". Kelsey Grammar is with me. He's freaked out because of the various body parts that, not only litter the bathroom, but are apparently found throughout the entire house. John Mahoney is also here, but I don't know why. Kelsey and I go outside, and in front of the house is a large parking lot. People are running around, scared. Kelsey wants to leave, but I end up convincing him to stay. We go back into the house.

Time Shift

I go into the bedroom across the hall from the bathroom. The Asian girl is here. She has been stabbed repeatedly through the back, and is kneeling on the mattress, facing away from me, which is to the right. She is still nude, though no longer alive. She vomited on the wall to my right, in front of her. She seems propped up by something unknown. I decide I need to leave.

The rest is a blur, but I get the impression that phones are out. I know for a fact I am the only one in the house, though I am simultaneously getting the impression that the killer is still in the house. The rest of the dream is spent walking around throughout. There was a brief point somewhere in the dream where I'm in the parking lot, talking to a woman who is about to get into a black car. Her door is open, and she is standing behind it, talking to me. I don't remember what we discussed.