I'm in Florida to watch a Space Shuttle launch. Before the launch I get a chance to take a tour of the shuttle before it take off. I go into a hanger where the shuttle is parked, climb aboard, and look around. Suddenly there is an announcement that the shuttle will be launching soon, and all visitors must leave. I try to find my way out, but the passageways keep getting blocked by these big white doors that slide down from the ceiling like the ones in DOOM. I somehow get out.

It's later now, and I'm on the lawn in front of some NASA building with a good view of the shuttle on the launch pad and some people barbecuing some food while waiting for the launch. The shuttle takes off... good roll program... suddenly something goes wrong, The shuttle looses control only a couple of thousand feet off the ground and goes into a flat spin. all the engines are off. As the shuttle turns i can see a fire burning at the bottom of the external fuel tank. The shuttle keeps falling slowly turning around. It hits the ground and explodes into a blinding flash and a fireball. I hear the barbecuers (or maybe it was me) crying "Dear god no!"

Everyone is stunned, I go inside to a gift shop full of shuttle merchandise. I feel sick. I go outside again and see some debris on the grass. I pick up a couple of the pieces and they turn out to be part of an instrument panel, one of the gauges is still working and when I press the right button different latitude and longitude coordinates appear on an LED display. I pick up another piece of debris, this one is a chunk of steel, paper thin, I can crush it with my hand.

I look up and see some vehicles driving slowly down a highway, the people inside are getting out and clearing the road of debris as they move along.

I wake up.

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